Top litter boxes for 2021

One of the most important parts to consider when adopting a kitten is the litter box. Understanding all the requirements that need to be covered is crucial, since choosing an unsuitable litter could cause many inconveniences and discomfort in your home. Here you have some important elements you need to note when buying a litter box and a list of the best ones for 2021,

  1. Size
  2. Open or closed format
  3. Design 
  4. Accessories
  5. Best litter boxes 


As we know, not all cats have the same length or weight, so size is a very important factor for your litter box. Cats require room for movement as they tend to spin to find the perfect position to urinate or excrete. We recommend buying a litter box that is at least 1.5 times bigger than  your pet.


Open or closed litter box, one of the biggest dilemmas, yet, its resolution will rely on yours and your cats’ preferences. On the one hand, a litter box with a cover can better isolate odors, but many times it can be harder to know when it needs to be cleaned since you can’t see the inside. But, on the other hand, a litter box without a cover can be easily cleaned, but the smell is harder to control.  

It doesn’t matter how much you love your chosen litter box, if your cat dislikes it, he/she could decide not to use it at all. So, understanding your pet’s needs is key. Some cats prefer the privacy of a closed litter box, while others need to see their surroundings to feel comfortable. Take the time to know your pet before you make any decision. 


You can always find more classic options, but if you want something unique there are plenty of those too. Of course the design will depend on the taste of the owners, but also on the designated area in the house where it will be placed. Remember that the shape has to be functional for the available space. For example, there are many litter boxes that are shaped in order to fit a corner, which is very useful for small homes or apartments. 


The box is one thing, but to keep our pet’s litter situation in place, every owner will need some accessories to complement. First and foremost, a litter scoop is primary so you can pick up the feces. We also recommend buying a trapper mat so your cat can clean its paws when exiting the box, in this way you will promote more hygienic practices in your house.  

Best litter boxes

Now that you know the important characteristics to consider, here you have the best litter boxes for your pet, 

HIPIPET Cat Litter Box Foldable Top


This is a great option if you are looking for a closed litter box. Easy to clean, great for large cats and litter scoop included. It’s shape provides a safe and comfortable space for you cat and will prevent any bad smells from escaping to your home. 

Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box


If you want something simple yet unique, we found your litter box. Inspired by the Eskimo Igloo, this box is very elegant and functional. It is designed in order to prevent leakage or splashing, helping you to keep your home tidy. 

OhmBox – Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box


This litter box is perfect to avoid odor retention if you prefer an open format. It is very durable and since it is made of steel it is also eco-friendly. The non-stick surface will make the cleaning quick and easy. It also includes a litter scoop made from the same material. 

Iris USA Cat Litter Box


This litter box is the classic that never fails. It has plenty of room for your cat to spin and it is also very easy to access. It fits neatly in all types of spaces and will be perfect for any home. 

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box


You don’t want a litter box in your house? This is the solution. This hidden litter box resembles a clay pot, making it your little secret. It’s height makes it perfect for large cats and, since it is closed, will avoid strong odors. 

Remember, cats are some of the cleanest pets you can own, and will need an adequate space to fulfill their physiological needs. If they don’t have one, they will feel very irritated and could start using other parts of your home as their litter box… No owner wants that!
Don’t forget that the success of your litter box will depend on the litter you use. In Sepicat we have a wide variety of options suitable for you and your cat. Visit our litter selector to discover which of our options is better for your home. 

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