How to travel with your cat’s litter

Cats are creatures of habit and we like to continue our daily routine even if we are on holiday outside our homes. This summer, if you are thinking about travelling with your cat, don’t forget the most basic parts of taking care of a cat and take all the accessories he uses on a daily basis with you, including his litter box and his normal cat litter.

Feeling like we are at home and the familiarity of our most personal belongings reduce our stress caused by a change in scenery. Do you know the most convenient and practical way to travel with your cat’s litter? We will tell you all the secrets to it.

Always the same cat litter

Each cat is used to using a certain type of litter, which he finds to be the most convenient whenever he uses his litter box. To ensure your cat’s comfort on his holidays, take the same litter with you and you will largely reduce the stress he experiences from his change in scenery.

Calculate how much he needs

How many days are you going to be on holiday? How much sand will you need to change your cat’s litter box during that time? Don’t over pack and calculate approximately how much litter you will need so you don’t have too much or too little.

Usual litter box

If possible, take the litter box your cat usually uses as well. When we cats get used to a certain type of litter box we feel much more comfortable in other locations if we still have our litter box at hand.

Protect his belongings

When you travel, always place your cat’s belongings where they will not be damaged during the journey. Try to arrive with these belongings in perfect condition and that way you will avoid the inconvenience of having to replace them as soon as you arrive at your holiday destination.

Purchase them at your destination

If you cannot take your cat’s normal litter box or litter, purchase them at your destination. Try to buy a similar litter box and the same litter so your cat feels at home away from home.


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