Types of cat breeds

Although what breed your cat may be is not all that important, since we’re all adorable and elegant, the truth is that your cat’s nature and the care it may need will vary depending on its breed. There are many different cat breeds, and it would take several posts in this blog to write about all of them, but today I’m going to tell you about the most popular breeds and their specific traits and care.

American curl: As you will have imagined, the main trait of this cat breed is its curled ears. This breed is good-natured, loving, fun, very intelligent and likes to live among family. Due to its long or semi-long hair, you will have to brush it daily and clean its curled ears often.

Russian blue: The most aristocratic cat breed stands out due to its soft, slightly blue-toned coat with its hints of silver. Their eyes are usually emerald green, and besides being very elegant cats, they are strong and don’t usually have health problems and so don’t require any special care. Good-natured and sociable, it you let these cats go outdoors, you’ll find they’re fantastic hunters.

Siamese This cat breed originally from Thailand is eye-catching due to its strikingly blue eyes and darker fur on its face and on the tips of its ears, tail and feet. The affectionate Siamese breed is perfect for living among family, although you may be surprised by how expressive it can be, as it meows quite often. Short-haired and of an athletic build, this cat breed doesn’t need any specific care beyond brushing to get rid of loose hair.

Persian: As its name indicates, this cat breed comes from Turkey and the former Persia. Its famous long hair, which requires daily brushing to keep knots from forming, and its short face and snub nose are the most recognizable traits of its appearance. A docile breed, it adapts well to living among family and has no qualms about sharing space with other cats.

Birman: Beware of the Sacred Cat of Birma because you’re going to fall in love with it, not only for its looks but also its temperament. Good-natured and intelligent, it enjoys performing tricks and gets along really well with children. You will rarely hear it meow, as it prefers purring for communicating.

As far as its appearance is concerned, it stands out due to its blue eyes and abundant semi-long hair if light shades. In fact, its fur is so soft that it hardly ever forms knots, and although you´ll have to brush it rather often, this breed doesn’t need as much grooming as its fellow Persian breed.


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