Use of cat grass

When we talk about ‘cat grass’, the plant that will come to your mind will be that whose smell makes cats crazy, the catnip. However, besides this, there is another type of grass that they also love, and which is very necessary for their health and well-being at home.

Natural cat grass is not just a supplement for pets. If your cat does not usually have access to the outside, providing this type of plant can help him/her to do a better digestion, being an excellent supply of fibre.

Which is this famous cat grass and what benefits does it have for felines? We will tell you below in detail.

What is cat grass?

Although cats are carnivorous animals by nature, they also need to eat grass to obtain an adequate supply of fibre.

Does your cat also eat the plants you have at home? That is because you have not left a suitable plant within his/her reach so he/she can eat it. You can prevent cats from getting intoxicated through the eating of plants which are dangerous to their health, by providing them with a natural herb that they can eat when they need it.

You can find in the market different preparations for pets that contain seeds of wheat, barley and oats in variable quantities. You just have to add water and let it grow so your cat can eat it.

Benefits of cat grass

Cats need to eat grass to purge themselves. It is very important to avoid the accumulation of hairballs, which can cause serious bowel obstructions.

Their digestive system does not have the capacity to digest the grass. Consequently, all the grass they eat is converted directly into dietary fibre, favouring the intestinal transit. It is important especially in adult cats, in order to prevent any health problem.

Leave the cat grass within the reach of your pets and they will decide when they need to resort to it to make a better digestion. This way, your house plants will also be safe!

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