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We’re starting out on a new endeavor and launching a blog where, besides giving you the finer details about our products, we will be keeping up to date concerning the care, grooming and interesting tidbits concerning our beloved kitties. Because your cat’s important to you, Sepicat gives your cat good care.

Sepicat comes from Sepiolsa, one of the largest mining companies worldwide engaged in the mining and sale of special clays and minerals that are obtained considering ecological procedures. Thanks to our initially beginnings, we are leaders in cat litter and have developed the widest range of cat care and grooming products. Of course, under the strictest efficacy and quality controls inspection checks.

At Sepicat, we are also concerned about taking care of the Environment and so make every effort to develop ranges of cat litter which are more environmentally-friendly, as you can see for yourselves when you pick up some Lightweight clumping litters, for example.

Animal welfare is, of course, another of our commitments, we therefore having been collaborating with the Autonomous Community of Madrid’s Federation of Animal Protection and Defense Associations (FAPAM) for 20 years. In fact, we donated more than 150,000 liters of cat litter last year to contribute to the welfare of thousands of kitties while awaiting the right families.

Sepicat products are very easy to find, since you will find them in large department stores, pet supply stores, and veterinary clinics… in al lot of countries! Besides, you can always get the best cat litter for your cat online, in the comfort of your own home.

If you want your cat to be comfortably contented at your side – don’t think twice – help keep your cat well-groomed by using the finest products on the market. Discover Sepicat products, and your cat will love you for it!

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