What do we need for the arrival home of a cat

The arrival at home of a cat is always a moment of nerves and enthusiasm in equal parts. This kitten, whether puppy or adult, will need certain care and accessories to lead a happy and fulfilling life in every way.

If it is the first time that you are going to introduce a cat into your home and you are lost or if you have had this pet before but want to prepare for the arrival of a new feline, keep reading this blog where we will explain what we need for the arrival home of a cat.


Necessary things for a cat


We are going to expose all the articles that our new member of the family needs:


  • Bed


Cats are pets or types of animals that are not governed by the same rules as dogs. A cat will take possession of the house as soon as it enters and will mark all those things that it likes, this will be its territory.

To avoid as much as possible that the cat does not know where to sleep or choose a place that we do not want, we must have a bed or space specially designed for him.

There are many types of beds, as many as you can imagine, but those that cats like the most are those in which they feel protected so a bed that is covered as a kind of cave is the best for your cat.

Although if you opt for a well padded open bed, we guarantee that your cat will have no problem getting used to it.


  • Litter Box


One of the most important things that we must introduce into our home to prepare for the arrival of a cat is the litter box.

As in everything, there are many shapes and colors, both open and closed. In this aspect it is what you prefer and it depends a lot on where you are going to put it.

The closed litter boxes have a carbon fiber that reduces the odor that it may give off.

We have a blog about the advantages and disadvantages between the box and the tray.

This litter box should be located in an area of ​​the house that is quiet, without too much traffic and away from the eating and sleeping area, to promote calm for the kitten and the rest of the family members.

In this way we will help our cat to get used to it and will not have problems when using it.


  • Litters


Related to the previous point is the cat litter, necessary for the cat to get used to doing its needs always in the same place.

If you have never had a cat or if you have, but you want to do more research on litters, we have a small questionnaire on our website where you can see in a personalized way which litter best suits your characteristics.

When choosing a litter, it is important to assess what kind of care you are going to want to carry out, whether daily or not, and whether the possible odors there may be you want to camouflage them with scented litters or if you do not see it as necessary …


  • Scratchers


Cats need to sharpen their nails as part of their daily routine. It is not something they do for pleasure or play, but for cats it is a necessity.

If we want to prevent our cat from sharpening its nails on our favorite chair or furniture, it is important to have a scratcher and teach it from a young age that this is the right place and how to do it.

If you are going to introduce a kitten into your home, we recommend that you first buy a small scratcher to teach him and so that you have time to see how he likes to scratch since there are cats that scratch vertically and a post would be the best for him and others , who scratch horizontally so a carpet type scraper would be suitable.

If he is older, you can look at the first days on how he scratches and thus buy his ideal scratcher


  • Toys


To strengthen a good base in your relationship we recommend that you play with your cat. Playing with our feline makes them share a pleasant time with us and increases their affection for us. The toys they like the most are the feathers to chase with a rope or rod and the balls.

It is true that cats play with the most unexpected things in the house such as pens, papers, hair bands … Etc. But it is good that they get used to their toys and also that they establish that in their routine there will be a moment of games.

If your cat is happy and with a complete daily routine, we asure you that the coexistence will be wonderful.


  • Food and feeders


Obviously we will have to have food before the feline arrives home, it is good that the food, at least the first few days, is what they have been giving in their previous home to avoid problems.

If later we decide to change his food, we must do it gradually so that the kitten’s belly does not suffer.

On the other hand, you must have fresh, clean water all day. If the water is not good, the kitten can stop drinking or look for other places such as vases or our own glasses.

We also recommend having cans for cats since not every kitten or cat drinks the water they should and it can avoid other healthy problems.


  • Carriers


Carriers will be our great ally whenever we have to take them on a trip, to the vet or simply take them out of the house for any other reason.

They must get used to it and relate it to something good, although in this case there are usually not many problems since it is a “cave” where they can take refuge.

If you are traveling people and you want your cat to go with you, we recommend that you take the carrier to the car and take a small trips to get used to it when it gets home.

Cats are not animals especially open to change and that is why it is good to get them used to the fact that these trips will be something normal in their lives.


As you have seen, the needs of a cat are not particularly demanding, but if we want to forge a great relationship with them and that they feel comfortable since the feline comes home, it is good to have all their areas and routines well defined before their arrival.

If you have a happy kitty, your family will be so much more.

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