What dreaming about cats mean

Whether you have cats as pets or not, there are times when they may make an appearance in your dreams, loaded with a symbolism that you are not always able to identify. Cat dreams can have different meanings, especially when it is an unknown animal, which can vary in colour or behaviour.

Do you often dream about cats? These dreams are more common than you might think, and today we’re revealing the meaning of the most frequent ones. Pay attention to your dreams every night, because below we reveal what your subconscious wants to tell you when a cat appears in your dreams.

What do dreams about a black cat mean?

A black cat is a symbol of bad luck in many cultures, and although this is not true, the colour of the animal is a message that many of us have engraved in our subconscious.

When you dream about black cats it is because there is a fear or a regret that grips you. Are you having anxiety? This black cat can be a sign that something is bothering you a lot, although it doesn’t have to be something bad. Take it as an invitation to reflect on and release that concern that doesn’t let you rest.

What dreams about white cats mean

According to experts in dream analysis, white cats mean hope or desire. When you meet a white cat that is affectionate towards you, it’s a sign of enjoyment and hope.

If the cat runs away from you and you run to catch it, it’s a dream you want to achieve but you’re struggling to do so. But when the white cat attacks you when you want to catch it or touch it, it is because you are having a hard time achieving something and you don’t want to stop fighting.

What do dreams about kittens mean?

Dreaming about kittens is a symbol of protection and tenderness. These little animals are often associated with someone you love and care about, such as your children or young children in the family.

Dreams involving kittens are usually positive. If you relate to them, it’s because they’re a metaphor for your current situation. Going from being a kitten that grows up to be independent is a very important step that shows a struggle you’re having.

What does a dream of a cat attacking me mean?

Cats that attack in a dream are a symbol of fear of someone or something. Dreaming of aggressive cats is quite common for people who are going through a disagreement with a loved one.

The end of the dream is also very important. Who ends up winning the battle, the cat or you? How you deal with this attack in your dream is key to overcoming the obstacle that is troubling your mind.

What does a dream about a cat dying mean?

Dreaming about a dead cat can have very different meanings. If it was you who killed the cat in the dream when it was attacking you, it is a sign of how you have managed to overcome your fears.

Dreaming about dead cats that you did not kill means you feel a lack of independence and self-confidence. When the cat has drowned, this feeling is even worse, suffocation and a lot of anguish.

Do dead cats and living cats appear in your dream? Maybe it’s an inner struggle you’re going through, or a conflict you’re afraid to face and that worries you a lot. If there is blood in the dream, it is because you are afraid of losing something that is very important to you, such as a family member or loved one.

There are times when your own pet may appear in your dream, and other dreams where you can’t recognize the cats that appear. At Sepicat, we are cat lovers and we often dream about them, although there are times when these cats can have a more hidden meaning than what meets the eye.

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  1. i dreamed of a cat trying to scratch me servel times..yet the day befor this dream i had to leave my love for family reasons….he said family is more important and i agreed…maybe i am not accepting the fact that i had take a step like this…maybe this is the reason i dreamed about a cat scratching me..but in the end i was suceeded to sue the cat away…maybe ill overcome this feelings too. thx for information.

  2. I don’t know if it was a dream or not, I think I was kinda awake. I don’t own a cat, but I saw a black cat on my bed. He was kinda near me. I would close my eyes and open them and the cat would get more near. I did that a couple of times and the cat would get closer and closer to my face every time.
    What does that mean?

  3. Why do I keep having a recurring dream that, I’m sleeping, I sit up, look directly at my boyfriend, then I get out of bed to walk straight to the front door, open it, and my 9 month old black cat that passed away 2 months and 1 day ago is sitting outside the door, looking up at me, and we’re making eye contact for a few seconds, then it ends….no matter what I’m actually dreaming about, it’ll stop and start the dream about Pepper *my cat*….??

  4. I had a strange dream about me walking down a long road and right beside me was my three cats. Hen they suddenly fell off the side of the road into a creek so i dropped everything to save them and I need up going down farther than i expected and i seen crocodiles, and snakes, and spider. Then i woke up crying.

  5. Hi I keep on having dreams about cats and each of them different colours except there’s been two of the same two grey cats but in every dream they attack me at the end and i think deep down I’m afraid of cats but In real life I try to approach them calmly or attract them to try and get over them but then they run away from me so I thought they were afraid of me I really don’t understand I can tell you in more detail each dream but they are getting more frequent please help!

      1. It keeps telling me that i have a desire and avoiding conflict. In all the dreams im having. I guess desire is my desire for love and a friend,but that is in the future. And avoiding conflict.idk

  6. I dreamed my late kitty was an alley cat and I couldn’t catch her. Then she hobbled up to me with a big swollen leg!

    1. I has a dream (more like a nightmare) about my pet cat bleeding out her rear end and throwing up blood….very upsetting dream.

  7. I had a dream that in this cage, were these tiny little kittens. I petted them softly and then realised that the mother was growling in the shadows behind. The mother cat then lept up to attack me, but only its arms made it through, leaving me unharmed. The kittens were a whitish grey colour, and i think the mother went from black in the shadows to grey in the light. Im uncertain if i got attacked or not though.

    1. My husband accidentally killed the pregnant cat by driving car n I was in the car felt very guilty. We buried the cat in proper manner but still I felt anxious

  8. Hi there, hope u doing well, safe and healthy during this pendemic. I just have a dream about a white cat. I saw a white cat but his right front leg was dark brown like a stick. In that dream, i saw him sleeping then wake up walking away. I look at him so pity and ny heart was so sad. Before i wake up that poor cat looking at me with eyes blinking softly. Please answer me. Because i am so curios about that dream. Thank you

  9. Thank you . When I dream of my cats they are hurt badly . And I am trying to help them . And I am sad and crying because I feel so helpless . That i can’t ease their pain. To me it’s a warning that my cats are going to die . I lost two cats.

  10. I dream about me having a white cat and a ugly black cat attacks the white one every time but it will not do anything to me what does it mean?

    1. What is it, if very very aggressive cat attacks me suddenly and bites my ankle really hard, it’s teeth tear my full epidermis?

      1. You may be in discontent with a loved one at this moment and the way he/she bites you and the whole situation that happens during your dream is the ability you have at this moment to solve this problem.

    2. You may be under a lot of stress right now which is what the black cat symbolizes, however, the white cat is that hope and strength you need to deal with the problem, which is why the black cat always wants to be attacking the white cat.

  11. Hae,,I dreamt I was with my friends bt the cat come from nowhere and jumped on my back I told one of my friends to remove it bt she didn’t the cat was grey in color. I strained to remove it bt finally I did it. I removed the cat from my back n the cat bent its head the cat was shy to look at me.its like the cat didn’t have any strength left

    1. I was dreaming I was dead and I went to visit my kids and mom and as I walk into my moms room holding her hand a small yellow kitten walk between my legs , nice and calm kitten and I looked down, and that is how I woke up and can’t stop thinking about this yellow kitten

  12. For me i had a dream when a white car that seems like is my own leave me and when i try call and evening close to him that just keep running away from me on till the car developed a wing and fly away. please what is the meaning of this dream.

  13. Heya, I dreamt about a dog attacking a kitten, as I went to save her in the dream but somebody came and took my attention from them, and after few seconds the dog ate her in front of me. And I just can’t forget how afraid I was at that moment, I’m still afraid somewhere in my heart 🙂 what does that mean?

  14. I had a dream I saved a white kitten with bright blue eyes from a very bad blizzard at my old house. I remember this dream quite clearly, it was behind the recycling bin at a house I used to live at. I heard meowing as I was walked out the house, it was very clean and its eyes glowed like a shiny sapphire, as soon as I saw it and picked it up out of the snow it instantly became friendly and was a lifelong friend. The end of the dream was me dying of old age and it being there but still a kitten.

  15. Years ago when I was about 10 our family cat appeared in my dream and licking my face. The next morning i found our cat was killed by some one dead outside our house. I knew the the cat came to say good bye to me, She was so closed to me that I cried so load and my mum came out and we burried it. I could not get over it for months, Afetr 50 years I can still rember that dream like it happen yeaterday.

  16. I had a dream where my cat and I were both bit by a venomous snake. I lived, but found out there wasn’t anything that could be done to save my cat. I was holding him when I got the news, and after I woke up from the dream, I immediately started crying. My cat is my baby, and I couldn’t imagine living without him

  17. So um.. I just woke up from dead asleep because I was trying to protect my daughter and I both from a black panther that kept chasing us. In the end it ended up biting my hand and started doing all these crazy movements. I didn’t get to see what happened at the end and who “won the fight” because I woke up scared. In my dream, I was beyond terrified cause it was mine and my daughter’s life at risk

  18. This was the kind of dream I’ve never had in a very long while. I woke up shouting for my mum. I’m 25 lol. I dreamt I was living in a tall apartment, high floor, I saw my window was open and decided to close it because I HAVE CATS who the hell leaves their window open. Only after I shut the window I realized my super favourite cat was on the ledge behind the closed tinted window so I quickly opened it and was reaching out to grab him back to safety but then he averted my hands like he typically does if I tried to carry him. And tragically falls while screaming in meows.. I couldn’t look down, just the image of him falling off while screaming shook me so much I yelled for my mum. And that was how I woke up from the nightmare. My heart is beating so fast even now. Dennis, please live for a long long time..

  19. Just had a dream I was taking pictures I was in someone else compound and a little cat came in and attacked me straight biting my finger jumping to get to my face I pushed it off and the owner grabbed it and threw it back at my face I was struggling with the cat then I woke up.

  20. Just had a dream I was taking pictures I was in someone else compound and a little cat came in and attacked me straight biting my finger jumping to get to my face I pushed it off and the owner grabbed it and threw it back at my face I was struggling with the cat then I woke up. What’s the meaning

  21. It’s just today that I had the exact same dream of a white cat hugging and snuggling with me when I am lying down but I was scared of the cat . But generally in real life too, I am scared of it.

    What could it possibly mean.
    What do you think Moumita based on your personal experience

  22. Wow I ended up dreaming of a black cat entering my home through the window. It was late afternoon and it was dark outside. Surprisingly I lived on the ground floor (in reality I live in the 1st floor).
    I had some salami in the fridge and the cat was apparently hungry but it was so aggressive it was really mad… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat that mad (it was trying to steal food)
    I shoosh the cat, it left through the same window, I closed the window and quickly went to the next room to close the windows so the cat wouldn’t get inside again.

  23. I dreamed that a black and white kitten attacked me. At the end of my dream it jumped out the window and i thought it was gone, then i turned around it jumped at my face.
    It fits all the categories haha

  24. What does it mean if a kitten attacks u and later gets a mean look from the mother and it later attacks you with aggression…in the dream I could have hurt the mother cat but I didn’t I just let it attack me

  25. I dreamed of a white n grey cat attacking me it ending with the cat trying to be nice to me cuz the shelter people came to catch her I grabbed her and places her in a cage so I guess I won

  26. I dreamed of having two kitties as my pet one was white and one was ginger in colour, though I don’t have a cat pet in real, i saw my ginger cat was infectious by some kind of virus which was leading to zombie apocalypse and my ginger cat was biting on the neck of my white cat in an intense way as soon as my ginger cat bites my white cat and i was about to close the door after watching that but then I woke up, it was too spooky dream, zombie apocalypse seriously !!

  27. I dreamed of a kitten who seem to be furious so I pushed her when she hoped on me later when I came back I saw the same kitten and her mother cate waiting to at take me so I fled into someone’s house which was nearest but forgot to close the door and they too came in that was a furnished but no human was seem being scared of the cat and kitten I hid in the washroom and woke up in fear….. Please let me know what does this mean?????

  28. I dreamt of an older white cat killing a kitten I’d just gotten an when it died it affected me so much I was cleaning it and my conscience took over telling me it was alive. What does this mean??

  29. I don’t even have cats, I have 2 small dogs. But I dreamt of a cat trying over and over to smother my face during sleep paralysis, and every time I would force myself to wake, it would happen again. Someone who studies sleep paralysis and cats, please help.

  30. I dreamt my oldest cat, that has passed was being attacked by my youngest two cats. They are sisters. They were taking nips at her. I don’t remember seeing blood, but I did see their white teeth. I would pick up my oldest cat to keep her from getting hurt, but everytime I put her down they would lunge at her.

  31. I dreamt about my cat fighting another cat whilst I was sleeping (on my bed, I can feel and hear the cats fighting around me) , so I tried to push them away and protect my cat , I did end up pushing the cat into the floor, that’s where the dream ended

  32. Its was a stray cat, and aggressive, i tried to get rid of it, and throw to another person since its want a confortable place to sleep, and its want to get attach of me aswell, in the end the cat stop chasing me

    1. This may be because there may be unresolved emotions or unfinished issues with your ex that you need to resolve in order to move on, although being a very personal dream its interpretation could vary. I recommend you reflect on your current life and emotions, and how these could be related to your dream.

  33. I dreamt that a cat was trying to wake me up from my sleep pawing at my face.then it became almost difficult to wake up or open my eyes,giving me a sleep paralysis feeling.The cat seemed friendly like it didn’t mean me any harm.it was almost comforting and playful

    1. Is an interesting dream to analyze since in this dream we combine what a cat is and on the other hand the snake, not to mention the woman who accompanies you and the type of relationship you may have with her in real life.

  34. I dream of a cat attacking me and my hands are pulling its jaw open so it doesn’t bite but it’s claws are stuck in my arms. Finally I throw it off and wake up gasping in fear!! Ughhh

    1. This may be due to a problem or situation you are facing and the way you defend yourself from the cat is how you act in this situation in real life.

    1. The white cat may symbolize your own instinctive, intuitive and feminine nature. In this sense, dreaming that you can’t cast it out may mean that you are struggling with an important part of yourself that you don’t want to acknowledge or accept. Perhaps you are repressing your emotions or your creativity, and you need to learn to integrate them into your conscious life.

  35. Hello,i dreamt of a cat and i was fighting it. But before that i saw someone i know who came to attack me in a form of a cat,i beat him up and the brother also came up for his rescue but also beat him up until they ran away. What’s that this mean

    1. In your dream, it seems like the cat represents someone you know who came to attack you. The fact that you were fighting the cat suggests that you are trying to defend yourself against this person or a situation that they represent. The dream could also be indicating that you have some unresolved conflicts or issues with this person. The presence of the brother who came to rescue the cat could suggest that there are other people involved in this situation. It could also indicate that there is a need for support or assistance from others to deal with this issue.

      1. Hello..what about when I woke up to an unknown stripp cat trying to steal my meat from my fridge and when I followed to pick it got angry and wanted to attack me ..so I had to surrender and threw that meat back to it and it got quiet..later on I was attacked by a snake on my kneck?

        1. It is probably a problem you are going through with an acquaintance or loved one, and you don’t know how to deal with it, and you have this fear of confronting that person.

  36. I dreamt that a black cat was at the top of a ledge, and when he saw me, he jumped.
    I couldn’t catch him in time. He fell right infront of me. I picked him up, he was still breathing though all curled up in my arms.

  37. I dreamt that someone just bashed into my house and took a kitten way from my house. I confronted her outside the room why she stole my kitten but, she insisted it’s her and took it away . I couldn’t fight her and let her go .

    .I don’t have any pet and I wasn’t thinking of any before the dream.What does it mean please

    1. To dream of kittens means protection and tenderness that may be associated with someone in your family, or maybe your dream is telling you that it’s time to adopt a kitten!

  38. What does it mean when in my dream I was angry and hissing at a cat I was also hissing and crying out like a cat..please tell me

    1. I dreamt of a tiger cub and a mean cat on my sofa. the mean cat was signaling the tiger to attack me. i hit them with things i had close and closed the door and left them inside . i went to tell my mom about how the cat and tiger cub were attacking me but she was listening and not saying anything to me. later the kitchen door opened and the tiger came to attack me while i was outside and then i woke up scared immediately( i argued very badly with the boy ive been with for 1 year 1 day before) Can someone explain more if you can please i feel so bad after the dream

  39. What does it mean when a white cat gets hurt by some kind of flame- and thinks instantly that it’s my fault when it was not.
    At first I made a distance towards it because I felt it was afraid of me. Later me and my partner was watching it from afar but as soon as it saw me it came running inside with some other (mostly white) cats and I was trying to run out of this room before the cats came in but could not as the one white cat bit me on the hand (I could not feel any pain ). My partner was still at end of the room while I was out waiting for cats pass by(running) the cats didn’t harm him in anyway

  40. I had a dream that I cut off my own cats paw because she was limping, then immediately regretting doing so in my dream. No blood that I could remember. I woke up in sheer panic but also extremely thankful that this didn’t actually happen.

    Can you help with what this means?

  41. Hello , so in my dream there was this guy I haven’t seen in a long time came to my place , I know him but he isn’t really a friend and then I saw this white cat walking towards us, I was about to ask if the cat was his and then the cat attacked and bit his mouth and wouldn’t let go , I was struggling to close my door as the cat still entered but didn’t hurt me before I could wake up from this dream , it was scary

    1. It is an interesting dream and at the same time terrifying, it may have a meaning of connection between that person and something that you are struggling to get, does this connection make sense to you? What do you think?

  42. What if i see 2 golden (orange n white kind of )healthy cats coming to me. When i try to wake my husband up iam unable to speak or scream and the cats are obstructing from waking him up

  43. Hello.
    I dreamt I was walking in an alley alone then a grey cat invited me to a house telling me that if I follow him over 50 percent of the property will be mine. as I was walking upstairs with the cat , me and the cat were spreading some papers among the furniture of each floor I don’t know they were in the shape of hearts looking like talismans. at the last floor of the building we spread some hearts in cabinets , shelves and on the bed sheets. the cat told me that this will make the landlord fall in love with me. then a man came upstairs with a towel as if he had taken a shower and said what’s my cat telling you?! he’s a playful cat !!are you playing together?! (the cat was walking on his back feet all the way? what does this mean?!

  44. I dreamed about fighting two cats. I killed one but the other also wanted to fight me, all it did was scratch me at the same place the previous cat did

  45. I recently woke up from a dream crying. I had witnessed a ginger cat being hit by a garbage truck. I went over and picked up the cat and my partner and I took the cat to the vets. No one at the vets would help us. The cat was still alive but they wouldn’t help. I woke up out of a deep sleep and burst into tears. I cried for ages. It was exactly midnight that I woke up. I can’t forget this dream. It’s disturbing, I’m vegan and it’s my worst nightmare not being able to help an animal in distress.

  46. What is it mean when you are attacked by multiple cats a black and white one in the lead but you are not bitten even though the lead cat tries and you are able to fend them off by attacking them

  47. I was at my aunts house in this dream, I don’t live there and neither do my cats but irl I do plan on moving in with her but I had a dream that 2 out of the 3 cats I have were dying. I woke up before they died but I watched my orange cat have a seizure and I was holding my tuxedo cat but she wasn’t being responsive. I called an animal doctor but it felt like he wasn’t doing anything to help. What do u think that means?

    1. Hi Crystal, this is an interesting dream to analyse, I imagine it could mean that you have some struggle within yourself because of a conflict or problem that you are going through and that worries you a lot.

  48. Gray cat; maybe has some white patches. I know this cat (in the dream; not in real life). I raised it from a bottle. It is attacking me violently with all its paws and claws. This cat has done this before many times. I struggle with the cat for a long time before I can shove it into the next room; I am careful not to slam the door so I don’t it hurt it. I am both relieved and saddened by the knowledge that next time the cat attacks me, I will release it into the wilderness.

    1. The dream may symbolize managing a challenging aspect of your life. The decision to release the cat reflects a desire to distance yourself from this difficulty. Explore emotions and details for personal insights.

  49. I dreamt couple of times the same dream. In a dream, While returning home/or walking on the road, a group of tabby cats (especially orange striped cat) wantedly shouts at me angerly and other colour striped cats started to shout at me as well after that first cat shouts. When I dared to pass them, they chase and shouts at me, and when I shouts at them they gets calmed. After I make another step forward, they again shouts and chase me, and I shouts at them they calmed again. Finally after multiple shoutings, I entered into my home(in a dream), the cats became calmed and enjoying themselves(like nothing happened).
    What does it actually mean?

  50. i was lying down in my dream and a cat climbed on my body so friendly but as soon as I tried to push it away it becomes so violent and too heavy that I cannot be able to push him away,

    1. It would be interesting to analyze your dream, such as the color of the cat, but it probably has to do with some fear or some burden that you have and that is weighing you down, calm and take a breath, everything will be purfect.

  51. so i had a dream where i was walking on the side of theroad and i was following one of my old classmate (she is a girl) and then we were suddenly walking in the road of this big neighborhood. and then suddenly there was a cat suddenly walks behind us. it’s an adult white cat with an orange pattern. when we look at the cat it was cut in half like literally cut in half, it was showing the inside of the cat but it can still walk, like separately. and it started to chase us and almost everyone are running because they were scared. i love cats but when i saw the cat, and half of its body were separated, i was so scared and i started running with my classmate and everyone was staring at us.

    1. It may be that that classmate had some significance at that stage in your life and perhaps left some unfinished business. Either way I understand why you started running, although I’m a cat I would be scared too if that happened.

  52. I dreamt I was lying on my bed and could hear two cats outside my bedroom walls fighting. They were screaming (as in arguing) and I could hear them quarreling. Dreamt a lot of things but that one stuck on my mind.

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