What is the BARF diet for cats? Is it good or bad?

Do you know what the BARF diet is and if it is good or bad? In this article we are going to explain what this BARF diet consists of and what it is, since lately it is becoming “so fashionable” and it is followed by a greater number of people.

We know that all cat lovers look for the best for them in every way, food, cat litter, toys… etc. In the search for the best, different aspects of the chosen products are always evaluated to make sure that we really give them what we want.

If we value food, we can enter into a debate about whether dry feed is good or bad, whether cans or wet foods are suitable or not … etc. So many people have decided to apply a BARF diet to their cats to be sure of what they eat.


What is the BARF diet for cats?

The BARF diet is a type of raw food that is given to cats or dogs imitating the origins of these animals.

It is based on a balanced diet typical of wild animals and everything that is offered is raw. The goal of this diet is to improve the health of cats and avoid processed foods.

It is important that if you want to start on this diet, you know the nutritional needs of the cat or breed in particular and consult with the veterinarian to rule out possible contraindications.


How can you develop a BARF diet?

The BARF diet can be bought ready-made in some stores and therefore you will be able to have rations of meats, vegetables … etc. that the cat needs.

Or on the other hand you can do it at home directly. What should this diet take to be balanced?

The recommended servings are:

  • Between 60 and 80% meat, which corresponds to 4% of the cat’s weight.
  • Raw bones a couple of times a week that are easy to chew.
  • Raw vegetables and fruit in small quantities.
  • Organ meats and fish once a week that must be frozen prior to incorporate it into cat’s diet.


To all these indications you should bear in mind that there are certain foods that cats should not consume and it may be advisable to introduce certain vitamin supplements or oils such as salmon.

Do you have doubts about the feeding of cats?

We leave you some articles that can solve these small uncertainties.


These are some general recommendations, but we encourage you to always visit a specialist to be 100% convinced of the exact amounts for your cat, depending on its breed or medical characteristics.

VERY IMPORTANT to keep in mind that this diet should be given raw to the cat and in case of cooking or cooking the meats and vegetables a little, you should NEVER cook the bones or spines to avoid splintering and harming the cat.

To sum up, many are the owners who feed their cats with this BARF diet and its preparation and costs are reduced, so changing from commercial food to this one, is not a great dilemma.

We recommend that you value what you think will be most beneficial for your cat and, as always, have the opinion of professionals to ensure that your feline does not lack any nutrients.

Have you tried this cat diet?

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