What you should know before adopting a cat

What you should know before adopting a cat

The decision to share your life with a pet is a major turning point. There will be moments of love and fun, but you will also have to perform tasks that take time and responsibility. So before deciding anything, you should consider whether you have the time and resources to adopt a kitten.

After lockdown, many pets have been abandoned on the streets or in animal shelters. To prevent these events from happening when we decide to adopt a cat must be with all the consequences.

We must bear in mind that cats are not objects that we can use, but they are animals and family members that will give you affection and fun moments, but they will hope that it is reciprocal. The first thing you should be interested in, is the different possible means to adopt a cat, whether it is a puppy or an adult.

There are many shelters and centers for animals in which there are many felines waiting for someone to integrate them into their family and take them home.

Although cats require less daily care than dogs, such as daily walks, your life must adapt to their needs and care. Another aspect to take into account is the predisposition that you may have to develop an allergy towards the feline.

Despite there are cases in which it is not risky to live with a cat while suffering from this allergy, it is advisable to do the test before adopting a cat. This way you prevent the allergy from manifesting itself later and be forced to get rid of your pet.

Another option is to look for those cat breeds that are hypoallergenic due to the kind of fur they have. These cats rarely generate high levels of allergy in their owners.

However, it is important to know the conditions that our feline will require during his stay at home.

Safety area

The first thing you should know is that cats need their space from a young age to feel safe and comfortable. They are territorial animals that need their safety area, which, in this case, will be your home.



If you adopt a kitten, the first thing to do is going to the vet for a thorough examination to make sure that it is dewormed and has its vaccination card up to date. In addition to checking for possible diseases or infections that it may bring from the shelter, the street or where you have picked him up.

If you adopt an adult cat, you should also visit the vet to check its health and put the microchip under your name.


Spend time toguether

You should also know that cats are not solitary animals as is popularly thought. There are cats that handle loneliness better than others, so if you don’t spend a lot of time at home, it is better to inform yourself before adopting.

Cats, although they seek moments of solitude, like everyone else, are animals that should not lack a moment of care, games and caresses a day. Another option is to adopt two kittens at the same time, this way they will not feel alone and you will be able to leave without feeling guilty.


Check the cats personalities

It is important that you let yourself be advised by the cat that best suits your family to avoid problems once adopted. That is, if you are a very calm family, it is better for people who know the cats they have, to advise you on the one that is calmer of all and thus suits your family and energy level.


Be patient

In the case of adopting an adult cat, it may be that their previous experience has not been as good as it should be, so you must be patient until he adapts to your home and the “rules” of the house. Once he is confident with you, you will have a very grateful and happy cat.


If you have already checked all these tips and have decided to adopt, we have some very interesting blogs about the things that are needed for the arrival of a kitten or how to present them if you have dogs at home or how to use their litter box, etc.

We hope you found it interesting and remember that a cat can also be man’s best friend, as long as you take care of him and show him your affection.


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