Which is the best comb for your cat?

In this article, we are going to explain the types of combs available on the market and which of them suits better for you and your cat.

There is a widespread theory that combs for pets should be chosen according to the type of hair they have. Long, short, abundant … etc. But, this is a mistake.

It is true that we must take into account the type of fur that our cat has, but it is also necessary to know what is the purpose for what we buy it.

I mean, do we want to comb out her tangles? Do we want to remove dead hair? Do we want to simply massage and soften the hair of our feline?

In addition, when choosing the best brush for your cat, you must pay attention to what material they are made of to avoid damaging the skin of your cat.

We are going to analyze the combs that exist and the use that is given to each one of them.


Depending on the type of tines:

  • Combs with large tines separate spikes, are perfect for long haired cats.
  • If the tines are small and narrow, it is best for short-haired cats.


Types of cat combs:


  • Barbed comb:

It is a good comb for all types of cats. It eliminates tangles. It is used to comb and straighten the hair. The design reaches places that are difficult to access and they usually have rounded spikes so as not to harm the feline, and on some occasions, they are retractable. Especially recommended for long and semi-long hair.


  • Card:

It is the most popular comb. They are fine bristles for combing, detangling, and removing any dead hair. It is an all-terrain comb, but it is not specific for anything in particular.


  • Bristle brush:

An ideal comb for cats with short hair. It is a type of comb that smoothes the coat, but it is not intended to detangle.


  • Rubber brush or massager:

As its name suggests, it is a comb that massages the cat. Its quills are chubby which makes it very pleasant for felines. If your cat hates combing his hair, this comb is the best for him as it doesn’t give that comb-like feel. The main function of this type of comb is to remove dead cat hair, but not to detangle.


Comb for dead hair:

This comb is highly sought after and in fashion lately, also called Fulminator.

It is designed to remove large amounts of dead hair and prevents knots or tangles.

It should be used with previously detangled hair, so if your cat has a tendency to tangle, you should have another type of comb before using this one.

Ideal for cats with a lot of fur.


  • Flea comb:

As its name suggests, it is a specific comb to remove fleas. It is important to bear in mind that once we finish using it, it should be washed in soap and water to remove all possible remains.


  • Cutters:

More than a comb, it is a tool to separate complicated knots. It does not comb, simply separates the tangle to continue combing the cat.


So, depending on the type of fur and the objective we are looking for, we must choose one type or another of comb for cats.

We hope that with this article this great world of feline aesthetics and care has become somewhat clearer.

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