Why are cats so active at night?

Why are cats so active at night?

If you have a cat at home or are thinking of adopting one, surely you have realized that cats are nocturnal animals.

Cats are more active at night than during the day, moment when they take long naps and let us predict the nightly party that awaits us.

Is your cat so active at night? Do you hear noises at night because your cat runs and plays? Well, in this week’s blog we are going to explain the reasons why cats are more active at night.


Why Cats Are Active At Night Or Demand The Attention Of Their Family

  • Hunting nature

Cats have a hunting nature and although your cat has never had to hunt, part of their instinct causes them to activate during their “hunting” hours.

If you have noticed, they are always more active at dawn and dusk, times when their agility and night vision make them perfect for stalking.

Our recommendation? Enjoy their craziest moments and take the opportunity to play with them.


  • Excessive rest during the day

As we said before, cats that have never had the need to hunt end up adapting to the routines of their house. But if they have been lying down and sleeping all day it is logical that they need to burn that energy.

To prevent your cat from being activated at night by this extra energy it has, it is recommended that you do one of the following tips:

  1. Put beds near the window: If your cat has a bed or hammock to lie down and has views, it is very likely that instead of sleeping, he will entertain himself watching birds or people and cars on the street.
  2. Playtime: In other blogs such as “how to make your cat happy”, we have highlighted the importance of playtime to strengthen emotional bonds and it’s also a great way to make the cat burn energy and end up tired.


Basic needs

Another reason why your cat can become more active at night is because of its feeding time.

If your cat meows and asks for attention at 4 in the morning for eating, this is a good time to try changing feeding routines.

We recommend you to give your cat dinner as close to bedtime as possible to take advantage of that moment of rest after the meal.

Also, try as much as possible to give them breakfast not too early in the morning.

Another important point is not to close access to their litterbox at night to avoid your cat to bother you for this reason. If you have doubts about the best place to place the litterbox, don’t miss our blog on this topic.


  • The pack

Finally, another reason why your cat can make noise and demand attention is if you close the door of the room where you are sleeping. Cats love being able to go in and out of wherever they want and have as much space as possible to run around, whether at night or during the day.


We hope that this article has been interesting and helps you understand your kitten a little better. If you want more advice like these, do not hesitate to visit our blog or discover our types of litters available.

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