Why does my cat hiss at me?

Cats hiss the humans when they are very upset or because they are scared. This form of communication is common when the situation escapes our control, for example if something we do not like or when we find a threat.

Does your kitty hiss at you a lot? It may be that you are doing something wrong, and that your pet is warning you, or because it is not in good health. Discover what are the main causes why a cat usually hisses so that you are also alert and know how to care for a cat.

Reasons why a cat hisses


When the kittens are small and in full learning, it is a way of relating to other cats, and sometimes with humans, through mild snorts and hisses that are part of their game. This hiss is a usual sound in kittens, as well as the other types of meows they learn during this stage.


A cat that feels pain and complains by hissing. If you notice that your kitty hisses every time you touch a particular part of its body, it may be because it hurts. It may have internal damage that you have not detected, that needs urgent veterinary care.


When the cat is afraid, is in a threatening environment, or in front of an unknown human or other animal, they have a tendency to hiss as a warning. Is your kitty stressed by some new situation? You can tell if he or she complains in this way and often hisses at you.

Mark territory

Cats are very territorial animals, and the presence of any other animal, especially if it is of the same species, invites you to hiss to warn the intruder that it is not welcome. If your kitty sees that its territory is threatened, it will also show a threatening attitude, although this only lasts a certain time, and in the end your kitty will get used to a new friend.

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