Why does my cat sleep with me?

Cats can become very loving animals, constantly seeking the company of humans to feel safe. As if you were part of their clowder, most domestic cats need to sleep in the company of humans for a variety of reasons. Why does my cat sleep with me? Today we tell you what the main reasons are.

Like people, each cat has its own personality. There are some who are very independent, and others who need to have someone close by so they can sleep peacefully. Especially at night, many cats prefer to sleep in your bed or near their keepers, and this can have a different meaning for each animal.

Reasons why my cat sleeps with me


The main reason why many cats sleep in your bed is because of the comfort that it gives them. Day or night, this is usually the favourite place for most cats to take a nap or rest with their family – it’s that simple!


Sleeping next to someone they trust also reassures them. Cats can sleep more peacefully when they’re allowed to let their guard down at night, sleeping in company without the need to be alert all night.


Especially in the coldest months of the year, your pet will prefer to sleep with you because you bring it warmth. Perhaps in summer, it won’t look for you as much when it comes to resting, but in winter, it will find the warmest spot in the bed to lie on comfortably.


No matter how much they try to label cats as independent and unloving animals, this statement is not true. Cats seek the company of their loved ones to sleep simply out of affection. You can see this when it’s in your bed with you and it licks, nods at and give you the occasional purr.

How do cats choose which person to sleep with?

It’s inevitable that every cat will have its favourite person. The one it has the most confidence in and who is its favourite to sleep with. Cats form closer bonds with the people who are most attentive to them, who provide them with food, or simply with whom they are most comfortable sleeping.

If you move around a lot in your sleep, you may not be your cat’s favourite person to share a bed with. They have their preferences too, and when it comes to resting, they appreciate comfort and safety above all else.

Should I let my cat sleep with me?

Sleeping with a cat can have different advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on you and whether your pet wants to share a bed with you.

If your cat is vaccinated, dewormed, and doesn’t usually leave the house, it’s OK for it to sleep with you. It’s been proven that sleeping with a cat makes you rest better, in a more relaxed and happy way.

Prevent your cat from leaving too much hair on your bed by brushing it daily to remove excess dead hair. You may need to shake and change the sheets more often, but if you find it pleasant to sleep with your cat, it’s well worth the effort.

At Sepicat, we encourage you to seek happiness with your pet, taking advantage of those moments to establish closer ties, which are beneficial for both your cat and you. Do you usually sleep with your cat too?

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