Why does your cat sleep with you?

Meow! I just love sleeping with my human! Although I must admit that every cat is unique and has their own special way of interacting with the humans with whom they live. Generally speaking, we simply love the warmth, comfort, security and great feeling we have with you being there, hence we sleep cuddled up close to your body.

Perhaps you humans find the fact that we sleep next to you (and often even on top of you) to be relaxing and pleasant, but do you know what it is we are draws us to sleeping with you?

There are several determining factors leading us to sleep with you, the main ones being:

  • You know we’re animals that seek warmth, whether it be a ray of sunshine streaming through the living room window, the heat given off by the radiator, blankets fresh out of the dryer… or you. Being cats, we want to be nice and toasty warm while we sleep, and you, my dear human, are a living, breathing radiator J.
  • We can sleep anywhere. If we get sleepy, we don’t give any thought to just simply dozing off wherever we are. As you know, we sleep more than 15 hours a day, but if we sleep somewhere that’s warm and comfy, all the better. Can you think of anywhere better than your bed for a good snooze? We can’t either. Besides, we’re not looking for just physical comfort alone, and since cuddling up to you makes us feel safe and sound… what more could a cat ask for?
  • Even when we’re asleep, we’re always alert. Our eyes fly open at the slightest noise, tearing us away from of our sweet dreams, which is something that doesn’t make us any too happy, but if we are near you, you give us a certain feeling of security and peace. And that’s something anybody can find to their liking.
  • The relationship with you. We miss you, especially when you work outside of the home and we spend long hours without seeing each another. That’s why we take advantage of nighttime to be as close as possible to you and to cuddle up by your side. Besides, we’re animals that sleep all piled up on one another in our litters when we’re babies to give each other security, warmth and comfort, and we do the same with you, because we see you as one of our own …. a great big one, but one of us all the same.

But, aside from all this, we sleep with you or on top of you because we want to give you our love and to be given yours. Love is in the air!

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