Why doesn’t my cat potty in its litter?

If you have ever been surprised walking into your house and finding that your cat defecates outside its litter, don’t panic, it is a common accident. Nonetheless, if you find this behavior becomes part of their routine, it is time to find a solution.

Cats are mostly very clean pets, so much so that it isn’t necessary to potty train them. If your cat carries on with this behavior, we need to analyze the situation. They do not do this to bother us in any way, on the contrary, most likely there is something in their litter that they do not like or makes them uncomfortable. Our cats are going through a tough time and it is our duty to try to understand what is happening to them so we can help.

If this is your situation, we recommend you dig deep into this behavior and put the following advice into practice, 

Reasons why you cat stopped using its litter

It doesnt like the litter you chose

If you recently changed the litter your answer could possibly be there. Cats generally prefer non-clumping because it prevents them from wetting their paws and it helps to keep the tray dry. 

The litter tray isn’t adequate

Most likely, the litter tray is too small to fit your car, remember that you should have one that is at least 1.5 times larger than your pet. In some cases having a litter box could be a better option since having more privacy is more comfortable to some cats. If the box is not large or comfortable enough, your feline may opt to not use it.  

They tray is dirty

It is very important that you keep a clean space. If you don’t often clean the tray, it will generate odors and this can cause potting outside the tray.  

The location of the tray is not appropriate

It will be necessary to identify the place in your home where your cat will feel most comfortable. Our recommendation is that you do not put the tray in busy places that will make your cat feel observed when it is going potty. 

Stress, anxiety or fear

If your cat is suffering from an emotional issue, this will be enough for it to change its hygiene habits. You know your pet better than anyone, if there is anything unusual in its behavior or attitude, it is important that you keep it in mind and search for a solution to benefit its wellbeing.  

You welcomed new cats

If there is a recent new member of the family and your cat hasn’t really grown close to it, most likely this could be affecting its potty habits. We recommend you purchase a new tray or box so that each cat has its own private space. 

If you cannot identify any of these causes in your cat, you will need to make sure that it isn’t related to any health issues. It is highly advised that if this is your situation, you take your cat to the veterinarian for a general check up

Your cat may take its time to start using the tray again, but you shouldn’t reprimand or punish, it is a long process that requires a lot of patience. Use a reward instead and feed them with their favorite snack every time they use the litter properly, this will keep them motivated. Remember that perseverance and consistency are key to better results. 

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