Why your cat is sometimes aggressive

Why your cat is sometimes aggressive

Aggressive cat

The first thing you should keep in mind when dealing with us kitties is that we’re nothing like dogs. Having information about cats before embarking on the adventure of getting one is always a good idea. This time I want to tell you why your cat can,  at times, be somewhat aggressive.

Along with your effort to teach us to use the sandbox and dealing with our territorial desires, one of the clashes between humans and kitties is possible feline aggression. Although hunting and aggressive instinct is something that we carry in our genes to survive, if the environment around us is appropriate, we are healthy and you teach us adequate patterns of behaviour, your kitty will be able to leave that aggressiveness aside.

If we are not lucky enough to have our own human like you, our lives in the wild lead us to be naturally aggressive in order to survive. Us cats must show our bad temper and lack of fear in front of enemies and prey if we want to live another day outdoors. However, the house cat has a much easier life and, as a rule, won’t even need to become aggressive. Nevertheless, each kitty is a world unto itself and our desire to conquer and dominate can bring us some odd problems.


What causes feline aggressiveness


You must learn to identify the reasons why your beloved kitty behaves aggressively. Information about cats is essential so that they learn to behave in a more civilised manner within the family that you offer them.

The most common reasons why your kitty may be aggressive are as follows:


We are afraid


If your kitty has had bad experiences when it was a kitten and has not learned to socialise as expected, it is usually plagued by insecurities and fears. This fear will make your kitty feel uncomfortable with caresses, strangers, invasion of its territory, changes in the sandbox and, even, going to the vet. You can help your kitty overcome its fears through routines. Your kitty will end up getting used to its new surroundings, to the people around it and the rules of coexistence if you are patient and receptive.


We are sick or something hurts


If we are suffering from any pain or illness, being aggressive is our way of saying we want to be left alone, at least for now. I just wish we could speak your language, everything would be easier! However, you’re not very good at interpreting all our sounds and signals, so if your kitty suddenly becomes aggressive, it may be that something is wrong. Don’t hesitate to take your kitty to the vet to make sure and fix whatever is wrong as soon as possible.


We like to hunt


Many of us find it a little harder to put aside our hunter instinct. If, from the very start, we jump you and bite your legs or any other part of your body, it’s not due to bad intentions. Sometimes our cables just become crossed and we see you as prey. You can control this type of aggressive behaviour if you spend time playing with us, give us toys that can act as prey and you make sure we do our daily exercises.


As we said humans, having the maximum information about cats at hand will help you understand and teach us to behave correctly. Meow, I have spoken!


Aggressive cat biting human's hand

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