Cat Litters

Discover the perfect cat litter for your feline friend.

Choosing the Right Cat Litter

Ensure comfort and hygiene for your cat

Contrary to common belief, cats have high standards when it comes to their hygiene, and selecting the right cat litter is essential for their comfort. At Sepicat, we understand the importance of providing the best litter options. Our wide range of cat litters is meticulously developed to meet the strictest quality standards and ensure the utmost comfort and hygiene for your pet. Whether you prefer traditional absorbent litter or innovative lightweight clumping products, Sepicat has the perfect solution for every cat and every household.

Proven performance with a minimal maintenance

Absorbent Cat Litters

Discover Sepicat’s absorbent cat litters, formulated with premium-quality Sepiolite and Attapulgite. These natural minerals provide excellent (non-clumping) absorbent abilities. They have the ability to absorb large volumes of urine and thus preventing the growth of unpleasant odors.

These litters are designed for households looking for the convenience of a low-upkeep product.

Innovative Solutions for Easy Maintenance

Clumping Cat Litters

Experience the convenience of Sepicat’s clumping cat litters, made with high-quality Bentonites and Homites. These innovative formulations create tight, easy-to-clean clumps, allowing for effortless maintenance and long-lasting freshness in your cat’s litter box.

These litters are designed for households that regularly keep up their cat’s litter box.

biodegradable Solutions for Sustainable Living

Biodegradable Cat Litters

At Sepicat, we are committed to environmental sustainability, which is why we offer a range of biodegradable cat litters made 100% from wood pellets.

These litters are designed for households looking for the convenience of a 100% biodegradable product requiring little upkeep and that can be composted.

Find the Perfect Litter for Your Cat

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