Biodegradable Cat Litters

Our most ecological cat litter product

Biodegradable Cat Litters

Our absorbent (non-clumping) vegetable litter is comprised of 100% wood pellets. This type of bedding is recommended for households looking for the convenience of a 100% biodegradable product requiring little upkeep and that can be composted.

Eco Universal

Sepicat Eco Universal biodegradable non-clumping cat litter is a 100% natural litter comprised of resinous wood pellets, providing a major absorption and deodorizing power (natural wood scent).

Formats: 8L & 20L

Compostable and 100% biodegradable

Great absorption

Natural fragrant

Highly deodorant capacity

To use our Biodegradable Cat Litters, follow these steps:

Fill the litter box

Fill the litter box with a layer of 3-5 cm of Sepicat Biodegradable cat litter, checking to make sure that the floor of the litter box is well-covered. It is important to bear in mind that if the litter box is overfilled with litter, the absorbent litter may easily be thrown out of the litter box when the cat digs.

Remove the dry feces

The litter instantly absorbs the urine, eliminating the odors. It is advisable to remove the dry feces daily.

Remove the sand layer

Stir the absorbent layer of litter.

Clean the sanitary box thoroughly

For keeping conditions the healthiest, the litter box must always be kept clean. After several days of use, remove the used litter and fill the litter box with new Sepicat litter. Clean the litter box thoroughly every time you change the litter. Avoid using bleach, ammonia or other chemical products which your cat may not like.

Regularly refill the litter box with sand

Regularly fill the litter box with new Biodegradable absorbent litter and you will have a healthier environment for keeping both your family and your pet healthy

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