Is your cat a picky eater? We’ll show you how not to spoil your cat

Is your cat a picky eater? We’ll show you how not to spoil your cat

17 November, 2017

Do you have a cat that’s a picky eater? It’s your own fault. It will always be your own fault… never your cat’s. Do you hear what I’m saying, human? Maybe we cats have an exquisite palate and don’t eat just anything you lay before us, but it’s undoubtedly up to you to see that we eat well, in both quantity and quality.

We’re not going to make it so hard on you either, so that once you’ve turned us into picky eaters, you can turn things around and get us back to eating what we actually need so that we’ll be as fit as a fiddle.

First of all, it is crucial that you not overdo treats or let us snack between meals. In other words, don’t let us be nibbling every five minutes. If you are able to pretend not to notice our precious little faces forlornly staring up at you when you’re eating and manage to be a little strict about our diet, you’ll get us back to eating our cat food and stop “pestering” you with our little forlorn stares.

Another highly important aspect to get us to stop being picky eaters is to choose the food we like best and that is best for us. Yes, our food must provide us with vitamins, minerals, proteins… but we must also find it appetizing.

Luckily, the cat food industry is quite advanced, and you’ll find our favourite food for us easily. Whether it’s because we find its aroma pleasing, its taste excellent or we find it readily digestible, you’ll come up with the food we like the best in no time. Mind you now, let us try them all and give us a bit of time to make our decision between one and another.

As far as amounts are concerned, please, we aren’t little humans, so don’t overfeed us. We don’t eat as much as you do! For each kind of cat diet, the manufacturer clearly states the daily amounts you should give us… regardless of whether they seem small to you. Do us a favour and feed us exactly the right amount.

And lastly, please remember that if you play with us and give us the right toys, you’ll manage to have us getting all the exercise we need to stay fit. So, isn’t it really easy to keep us from being picky eaters?

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