8 Stunning Gray Cat Breeds

10 August, 2022
Cats can be gray for a number of reasons. One reason is that they may have a mutation in their genes that causes them to produce more pigment. This is known as melanism. Melanistic cats are usually all black, but some can be gray. Some gray cats are simply born that way. There is no particular reason why they are gray, it is just their natural color. Gray cats are just as beautiful as any other color of cat and make wonderful pets. If you are looking for a new companion, one of these[...]
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9 Hairless Cat Breeds, And Their Main Features

30 June, 2022
Are you looking for cats without too much hair? Maybe you have scars from them making you constantly scratch, or maybe allergies that make every hair a problem. Whatever the case may be, we've compiled this list of 9 Cat Breeds of varying levels of hairlessness for you! Bambino The Bambino is a hairless cat characterized by its short legs and big ears. It is a cross between the Sphynx and the Munchkin cat. Bambinos are known for being very affectionate and social cats. They love[...]
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Breed Profile: Singapura Cat

24 June, 2022
The Singapura is one of the smallest breeds of cats. Their size makes them a good option for people living in apartments or houses without enough space for larger cats, yet their sweet and social personality makes them a perfect choice for all breeds! They are active at home, yet serene and docile on outside walks. These little guys can fit into any type of cat lover's household! Weight and size The Singapura cat is small to medium-sized, with males typically weighing between 3 and 4[...]
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Profile Breed: Bengal Cat

28 May, 2022
Bengal cats are an exotic type of domestic house cat that usually has a wild look to them. The colors and patterns often found on these felines are reminiscent of pieces of spotted candy. They typically possess both very vibrant and unique looks as well as a friendly disposition for handling. Weight and size  One of the Bengal's most distinctive features is its size. Bengal cats are medium to large cats, with males weighing up to 7 kilograms and females up to 5 kilograms. They are[...]
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How to take care of an Angora cat: characteristics, tips, and care

6 May, 2022
Today we are going to talk about one of the breeds that is ideal for the family. Angora cats are one of the most social, friendly, and loving breeds. It is the most affectionate and faithful cat that can exist. They love to be pampered and given a lot of affection; they're also smart, so they will certainly learn everything you teach them. Let's dive in and discover what care you should give to this breed of cats. Toys Angora cats are very active felines, try to have several[...]
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Breed profile: Persian

16 February, 2022
The persian is undoubtedly one of the most common breeds. Thousands of families around the globe have a persian cat as a loyal companion in their homes. It comes as no surprise since their pleasant temperament and furry appearance makes them a very attractive option.   Continue reading to know the most important characteristics of the persian cat.  Weight and size  The Persian is considered a middle to large sized cat. It is 10 to 15 inches tall and can weigh[...]
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Breed profile: Munchkin

3 February, 2022
The Munchkin is undoubtedly one of the most unique cat breeds in the whole world. A natural and spontaneous genetic mutation is the reason behind its extremely short legs. This distinctive feature makes them very special, which has made it very popular in the last few years.  Continue reading to learn the most important characteristics of the Munchkin. Weight and size The Munchkin is a medium sized cat, and its weight is around 6 to 9 pounds. Its height can vary from 5 to 7[...]
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Breed profile: Ragamuffin

22 January, 2022
¿Who doesn't want to own an affectionate cat? a loyal mate that will go through thick and thin with you. The Ragamuffin is ideal for those who are searching for a loving and furry cat.  Continue reading to discover the most important characteristics of the Ragamuffin.  Weight and Size One of the most important characteristics of the Ragamuffin is their huge size, which can go anywhere from 9”-12”. For weight, these cats are very heavy and robust, they can weigh between[...]
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Top 7 cat breeds for people with allergies

21 January, 2022
We all know it, cats are adorable animals and amazing pets. Even so, for some people having one in their home is almost inconceivable since cat allergies are more common than we think. But, do we actually know what causes cat allergies?  Most people would say that the fur is to blame, but this is not completely true. Allergies are related to a protein called Fel d1, found in cat’s saliva. When cats lick themselves, they fill their fur with this protein, which causes 95% of the[...]
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Breed Profile: Russian Blue

29 November, 2021
The Russian Blue is one of the oldest breeds in the world. These cats are extremely popular as a result of their affectionate, playful and smart personalities; which has made them become a part of thousands of households worldwide. If you are looking for a loyal and caring partner, this cat will not let you down. Keep on reading and get to know the most important characteristics of the Russian Blue.  Weight and size The Russian Blue is a medium sized cat. On average he is 10[...]
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The Weirdest Cat Breeds

3 November, 2021
The International Feline Federation currently recognizes 48 official cat breeds, and even though every single kitty in the world is unique, there are certain breeds whose peculiar characteristics make them noticeably different from the rest. Keep on reading and discover the world’s weirdest cat breeds, Savannah CatCornish RexElf Cat Selkirk Rex Peterbald LapermAmerican Curl Kao ManeeScottish Fold Ukrainian Levkoy  Savannah Cat  This[...]
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The 8 most affectionate cat breeds

9 August, 2021
When we think about cats, most of us see them as loyal companions and playful pets. But, some people view them as grumpy or irritable and not necessarily the most affectionate of animals. Yes there are many cats who are more on the ill-tempered side, but there are many more that can break the stereotype. Every feline is unique and different and there are a variety of breeds that are distinguished for their loving behaviour. We are sure that at least in one of the breeds presented in this[...]
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The Somali cat – what is it like as a pet?

21 May, 2020
The Somali cat is one of the most well-known long-haired cat breeds in the world. It is an agile and muscular cat, with a hazel brown fur with certain orange shades that make it very particular and eye-catching. Somali cats are active and very playful. They are a perfect companion to have at home, both in the company of other animals and with small children. Are you thinking of adopting a cat of this breed? Find out much more about their origin and behaviour and fall in love with the Somali[...]
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The most interesting breeds of small cats

16 April, 2020
The evolution of cats for companionship over the years has led to the emergence of new breeds with very peculiar physical characteristics. Large cats are perhaps the most noticeable at first glance, but in homes where space is at a premium, small cat breeds may be better suited to providing the animals with plenty of room to move around. Do you know which types of smaller cats are ideal to keep as pets? We've put together a list of some of the most unusual cat breeds, which are small and[...]
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Maine coon, the world’s largest domestic cat breed

14 November, 2019
At an average weight of 9 kg, the Maine coon is one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world.¡ While a few years ago it was a very rare breed, more and more households decide to adopt this kind of cat given how sociable and affectionate this breed usually is. These majestic cats have a large body and long fur that makes them look even bigger than they really are. When you see a Maine coon in person it is sure to leave you in awe, but they're not the only characteristics that will[...]
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6 Curiosities about the Cornish Rex breed, or curly-haired cats

27 May, 2019
The Cornish Rex cat breed is one of the most curious in the world. A very slender cat, with long and stylised front legs, with a very original characteristic: he/she is the only feline with curly hair. Just like the hairless cat of the Sphynx breed, the Cornish Rex arouses a lot of curiosity among pet lovers. Today, we show you 6 of the most distinctive features of this beautiful animal, with information that will make you want to adopt one of them. You’ll see! Its origin is a[...]
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Curiosities about the Sphynx cat, or cat with no hair

7 February, 2019
Do you know the origin of these curious cats? Do you know what special care they need? Discover all about the Egyptian cat or cat with no hair, and get ready to be amazed! Commonly called sphinx cats, the hairless cats of the sphynx breed are the most exotic pets you can have at home. Being of great elegance, thin and with the body completely free of hair, they are praised by many but also feared by others. Their appearance with wrinkled skin, big ears and bony tail can be a synonym for[...]
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Curiosities about white cats

13 December, 2018
White hair cats are one of the most admired in the animal world. Some think that white cats are the result of multiple genetic mutations, and yet it has been found that the first breeds of cats that populated the planet had mainly light colours or a mixture. When you are looking for information about cats, many of the most curious secrets have to do with the colour of their fur. Today we are going to see what is said about white cats, with some of the curiosities that you might not have[...]
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How to care for your Siamese cat!

25 January, 2018
So, you’re thinking about getting a Siamese cat as a flat mate. Congratulations, it is the most affectionate cat breed you will find. In fact, given the fascination of Siamese cats with humans, it is known as "the dog of cats". They don’t really like to go outside, but when their human takes them out for a walk, the Siamese cat is delighted. What's more, your kitty will even let you use a leash for long walks without feeling any temptation to escape. Your good luck doesn’t stop[...]
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Types of cat breeds

9 June, 2017
Although what breed your cat may be is not all that important, since we’re all adorable and elegant, the truth is that your cat’s nature and the care it may need will vary depending on its breed. There are many different cat breeds, and it would take several posts in this blog to write about all of them, but today I’m going to tell you about the most popular breeds and their specific traits and care. American curl: As you will have imagined, the main trait of this cat breed is its[...]
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How to care for a Persian cat?

1 June, 2017
When a new feline arrives to take up residence, it’s almost always necessary to bear in mind the different types of care it’s going to be needing. The case of the Persian cat, one of the most popular cat breeds due to their beautiful coat and easygoing nature, is no exception, and so that’s why it’s important that you know what specific care in particular a Persian cat needs. Besides the furnishings that any cat can need, such as a litterbox, scratching post, toys… a Persian cat is[...]
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