Cat Behavior

Adapting your house to a new cat

20 December, 2021
Thinking of adopting a cat? then you need to know that the first days in its new home are key to its adjustment. It is very important that their space is adequate, which will help the development of your pet-owner relationship.  You should consider that adopting a cat, regardless of its age, means introducing it to a whole new lifestyle. This may be exciting for you, but can represent a big challenge for them.  Cats are hunters and climbers, and have instinctual needs that have[...]
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How to Improve Communication With Your Cat

4 November, 2021
As we all know, cats are adorable and loving animals who generally are very attached to their owners. Making them a part of our families is such a wonderful experience, but sometimes we may experience some trouble integrating them into our home.  The first step you need to take to improve the communication you have with your pet is to understand the methods they use to communicate. In this way we will be able to know how to react to facing inconveniences and build on[...]
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How to prevent your cat from getting on the tv

22 February, 2021
Television can seem like an object of great attention to cats since their eyes can distinguish different colors, especially yellow and green tones. It is logical to think that television is excellent entertainment for the cat, they can even get on the TV, regardless of its dimensions, since their bodies are designed to be agile, strong, and to maintain balance without problems even in tight spaces. The best option is to embed the TV in the wall, in case your cat decides to jump towards it[...]
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How to prevent the cat from throwing the cat litter outside the litter box?

18 January, 2021
Does your cat throw litter outside the litter box? If you want to discover some of the reasons why your cat can get litter out of the box, in this article we explain some of the most common. Surely you know that feeling of having your cat's litter scattered on the ground around the litter box, well, this behavior of cats is not something that they do on purpose as one of their mischief. We are going to teach you how to prevent your cat from throwing the litter out of the box by understanding[...]
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What to do when a cat is scared by fireworks

28 December, 2020
As we well know, cats are animals that are easily scared, but if you add to this the common enemy for many pets such as firecrackers, they can have a hard time. The end of the year is approaching and, in many places, it is the perfect time to use fireworks or firecrackers. If you want some tips so that your cat copes better with fireworks with less fear, do not miss the following blog.   How to keep your cat calm during fireworks or firecrackers Pheromones Spreading feline[...]
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Cómo evitar que tu gato se interese tanto por las decoraciones navideñas

15 December, 2020
That time of year when all the houses are filled with Christmas trees, lights and Christmas decorations is approaching. As we well know, these Christmas decorations are not characterized by being discreet, for this reason, many cats are looking forward to this time of the year to be able to play non-stop. It is important to bear in mind that Christmas decorations can be dangerous for cats. For this reason, we are going to give you some tips so that the cat gets along with the Christmas[...]
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Cómo evitar que el gato se suba a la encimera de la cocina

1 December, 2020
As we well know, cats have no limits when it comes to climbing the most difficult and highest places in the house. The kitchen counter is no exception, but many people prefer that this place is not one that the cat wants or can access. Preventing the cat from climbing on the kitchen counter can be a somewhat complicated task to implement in the house rules. The counter is a place where we have delicious food and where we work with products that they love, for this reason our behavior has to[...]
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Interpreting your cat’s body language. What are your cat’s gestures telling you?

18 October, 2020
Understanding your cat’s body language is the best way to know how it’s feeling and be able to communicate with your kitty as should be. Although it’s true that you often feel you understand your cat perfectly well, you may have sometime come across an unexpected reaction or you may have misinterpreted its attitude That’s why we are going to explain their body language. The first thing you should know is that the cats communicate with one another by means of their body postures[...]
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¿Por qué mi gato duerme en la caja de arena?

13 April, 2018
It is very normal for some cats to sleep in the litter box when they are kittens. But one thing about cats that we should all know is that if an adult cat tends to spend too much time in his litter box, something is not right and he needs urgent care to solve the problem. If you notice your cat spending a lot of time in the litter box and even sleeping in or near it on a regular basis, you need to observe his behaviour in order to identify the specific problem and solve it straight away.[...]
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Why your cat is sometimes aggressive

23 February, 2018
The first thing you should keep in mind when dealing with us kitties is that we’re nothing like dogs. Having information about cats before embarking on the adventure of getting one is always a good idea. This time I want to tell you why your cat can,  at times, be somewhat aggressive. Along with your effort to teach us to use the sandbox and dealing with our territorial desires, one of the clashes between humans and kitties is possible feline aggression. Although hunting and aggressive[...]
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The strange habits of cats

15 January, 2018
Whoever has had the luck to live with any of us will know that we have some strange habits. Yes, in addition to being territorial, cats have many habits that define our behaviour. As a general rule, our extravagant behaviours don’t affect you at all, but it won’t hurt you to be aware of them.   We don’t like to be ignored Although cats are very independent animals, we love that you pay attention to us on demand. In fact, most of our antics are merely attempts to call your[...]
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Why does my cat lick itself a lot? Is that normal?

1 December, 2017
Humans, by now you should know that we cats spend hours and hours grooming ourselves. It’s completely normal for us to lick our bodies to get ourselves good and clean and in good condition. What’s more, you shouldn’t worry if you notice us spending 6 to 12 hours a day on our personal grooming, because that’s what we normally do. You should only devote some special attention to us if you find that our licking is resulting in little sore place on our skin or bald spots on our tummy, legs[...]
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Is your cat peeing outside of the litter box? Let Sebas tell you the reasons why.

21 October, 2016
Yes, I know, we cats are territorial animals, and one way we have of marking our territories is leaving urine scents wherever we think best. So, if your kitty doesn’t usually urinate inside the litter box that doesn’t mean it loves marking its comfort zone for no apparent reason, there being many possible reasons why your cat is urinating outside of his litterbox. Keep on reading what I have to say to discover what those reasons can be. It’s very easy to distinguish whether your cat is[...]
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