Cat Training

Balls and things that amuse your cat

15 January, 2023
When it comes to finding the best cat toys, there are many factors that you need to consider. One of the most important factors is the type of material the toy is made from. Cats love to play with balls, and there are a variety of different types of balls that you can buy for your cat. Some of the most popular types of balls include: -Rubber balls: Rubber balls are great for cats because they are bouncy and they make a lot of noise when they are played with. Cats also love to chew on[...]
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Tips for training your cat to follow rules and behave

19 November, 2022
Training your cat to follow rules and behave can be a challenging but rewarding task. Cats are intelligent and independent creatures that can easily learn new behaviors with patience and consistency. Here are some tips to help you train your cat: 1. Establish a routine - Creating a regular routine helps cats feel secure and comfortable in their environment. This includes providing them with a consistent feeding schedule, regular playtime, and plenty of affection. 2. Use positive[...]
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How to improve the bond between cats and kids

2 January, 2022
Cats are known for being extremely independent animals. This is why some people think that they do not make the most suitable pets for families with children.  However, cats can be great pets and extremely affectionate with the little ones at home. Besides, having the responsibility and the company of a cat can bring your kids multiple benefits. Analyze their background First and foremost we need to understand how our cat’s life was before arriving at our home. It is not the[...]
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Clicker training, what is it and how does it work?

13 December, 2021
One of the biggest myths is that cats can't be trained due to their independent personality. Yes they are very autonomous pets, but the truth is that cats are perfectly suitable for training, from learning tricks to correcting unwanted behaviours.  Clicker training is one of the most effective methods, this positive reinforcement tool has shown great results in various other animals such as dogs and horses. Continue reading this article If you wish to learn how clicker train your[...]
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How to deal with my cat’s fears and phobias

16 November, 2021
Every cat lover has met at least one kitty that is in a constant state of fear, that is so recurrent that it even damages it’s ability to relate with humans and other pets. If a cat is repeatedly hiding, runs away with loud noises or avoids any contact, it is likely that it has a strong phobia.  If we notice this happens to our pet, we should solve this problem because it can deeply damage the relationship we have with our cat. There are a few strategies to improve this, but it is[...]
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How to reduce stress in your cat

22 September, 2021
When we own a cat, his/her wellbeing becomes a family priority. As owners, we want the best for our pet and it is important that we are always attentive to any sort of behavioral changes we may observe.  Cats, having naturally nervous personalities, feel intense stress when facing any situation that changes their routine. Moving out, a new pet or changes in weather may seem pretty normal to human beings, but in cats it can cause huge amounts of anxiety.  If you notice that your[...]
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How to prevent your cat’s bad habits

9 August, 2021
All cat owners know that when welcoming an animal into your home, it becomes part of your family. Daily coexistence makes you love your pet more every day, but all animals have habits that can be unpleasant for humans. Cats are no exception, throughout their lives they can develop annoying practices. Here are the 5 most common bad habits in cats and how to detect and correct them in time. Scratching furniture Hyperactivity Aggressiveness Not using their litter box Asking for[...]
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How to socialize a cat

25 May, 2021
If you are thinking of introducing a new kitten to your home, it is very important that you pay special attention to socialization. What is socializing a cat? How can we socialize them? In this article we are going to explain what we mean when we talk about socializing a cat and some keys to make this process a success.   What is socializing a cat? When we talk about socializing we refer to the process that must be followed so that the cat is comfortable in its new family[...]
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How to prevent your cat from getting on the tv

22 February, 2021
Television can seem like an object of great attention to cats since their eyes can distinguish different colors, especially yellow and green tones. It is logical to think that television is excellent entertainment for the cat, they can even get on the TV, regardless of its dimensions, since their bodies are designed to be agile, strong, and to maintain balance without problems even in tight spaces. The best option is to embed the TV in the wall, in case your cat decides to jump towards it[...]
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How to prevent your cat from urine marking at home

2 February, 2021
The marking of territory by a cat is a normal and innate attitude of felines. There are different ways of marking, it can be by urine, scratches or facially when they rub their face on you or an object. In this blog we are going to discuss the urine marking that occurs in males. If you want to find out how to prevent your cat from marking territory at home, pay close attention to the following tips on this blog. What is the difference between marking and urinating? Cats mark with urine[...]
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Cómo evitar que el gato se suba a la encimera de la cocina

1 December, 2020
As we well know, cats have no limits when it comes to climbing the most difficult and highest places in the house. The kitchen counter is no exception, but many people prefer that this place is not one that the cat wants or can access. Preventing the cat from climbing on the kitchen counter can be a somewhat complicated task to implement in the house rules. The counter is a place where we have delicious food and where we work with products that they love, for this reason our behavior has to[...]
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Cómo evitar que los gatos arañen los muebles

22 September, 2020
Has your cat got used to scratching on your favorite furniture? Do you want to stop your cat from scratching furniture? If the answer is yes, follow these easy tips to stop your cat from scratching furniture. These are also very useful advices for all those families who have decided to adopt a cat and want to teach it well from the beginning.   Discover the texture and the way your cat scratches Although scratching and sharpening nails is a must for cats, they don't[...]
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How to teach your cat to use the litter box

28 July, 2020
One of the first things we must teach our kitten when he comes home is the use of the sandbox, although many cats already come with the lesson learned by imitating their mother. Cats are very clean and organized in this respect, but that doesn't mean that we should not teach them how to use the litter box and be patient if they don´t understand it at first time. Educating our kitten is a process that requires patience and love to adapt to the rules of the home. Here are some tips on[...]
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Tips for calming hyperactivity in cats

2 January, 2020
Cats are generally very quiet animals, spending much of the day sleeping. However, some cats exhibit unusual behaviour, with an excess of activity that may be considered pathological. Hyperactivity in cats can depend on age, the animal’s personality, and on a health problem that must be detected in time. Does your cat also have moments of madness and you don't understand why it behaves this way? Find out when this over-activity is considered normal and what hyperactivity is in cats, so you[...]
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International Cat Day, why do we celebrate it?

8 August, 2019
Us cats are the only animals which have 3 internationally renowned days. February 20, October 29 and also during this month, particularly August 8, day which was acknowledged by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) as the date which celebrates the close relationship we have with our human families. The purpose of International Cat Day is to increase awareness all over the world regarding how important it is to correctly care for their feline pets. As cats we also have our rights[...]
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Is your cat a picky eater? We’ll show you how not to spoil your cat

17 November, 2017
Do you have a cat that’s a picky eater? It’s your own fault. It will always be your own fault… never your cat’s. Do you hear what I’m saying, human? Maybe we cats have an exquisite palate and don’t eat just anything you lay before us, but it’s undoubtedly up to you to see that we eat well, in both quantity and quality. We’re not going to make it so hard on you either, so that once you’ve turned us into picky eaters, you can turn things around and get us back to eating what[...]
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How to get your cat to travel peacefully inside the cat carrier

5 May, 2017
Before trying to put your cat inside a cat carrier, you must understand that this is a strange place for us that is most often used to take us somewhere we aren’t familiar with, and nobody likes to be forced to get inside a place that’s new to them and then have the door closed. That’s why it’s important for you to get us used to the cat carrier and help us to see it as a safe place before placing us inside and shutting us up, so that we won’t be frightened or get nervous. Start[...]
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Learn to train your cat

9 September, 2016
So, you’re saying that we’re not capable of obeying your orders? Well, that’s just not so. Yes, we are indeed independent animals a just a tad hard-headed, but we’re not dumb. Maybe we don’t react the same way dogs do, but I assure you, humans, that you are capable of training and educating us as you please. We cats are super intelligent animals. You simply have to know the proper techniques and reward us every time we do something right. If you heed my advice, you’ll be able to[...]
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