Cats care

Why your cat’s stopped using its litterbox and how to fix this problem

31 May, 2021
If your cat has recently stopped using its litterbox when relieving himself, it is important that you know that there are two main reasons why cats can stop using the litter tray or litterbox. The reasons may be that your cat has bad hygienic habits or because it is a very territorial cat. You must learn to differentiate the reasons that lead them to relieve themselves outside the litterbox, but don't worry, it is not very difficult to catch the trick. Bad hygiene habits If you see that[...]
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How to socialize a cat

25 May, 2021
If you are thinking of introducing a new kitten to your home, it is very important that you pay special attention to socialization. What is socializing a cat? How can we socialize them? In this article we are going to explain what we mean when we talk about socializing a cat and some keys to make this process a success.   What is socializing a cat? When we talk about socializing we refer to the process that must be followed so that the cat is comfortable in its new family[...]
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Bottle Feeding Kittens. What should I consider?

17 May, 2021
As many of you already know, this time of the year is when kittens are born and we can find ourselves in the situation of having to feed a kitten with a bottle. It is very important to emphasize that kittens should drink breast milk during their first months of life, but if for some reason it is not possible or you have found a kitten, we want to give you some keys so that you learn to bottle feeding kittens.   What type of milk should be given? Before starting and giving a kitten[...]
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Ideas to prepare the house for cats

10 May, 2021
If you have a cat at home or are thinking of increasing your family with one, you are probably wondering what the basic needs of felines are and what you can do to adapt your home to their needs and comfort. Well, in this article we are going to explain some ideas to prepare the house for cats and why it is so important. Before starting we recommend that you visit some of our blogs such as what you need before adopting a cat. Once you have these points covered it is time to think about the[...]
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What is the best litter for a baby kitten?

5 April, 2021
Cats by nature like to relieve themselves on the ground or cat litter, from a young age. At around 21 days of age, if you offer them a litter box, they will use it either because they learn it from their mother or simply by instinct. For this reason, the cat litter is going to be one of those essential products that you can never miss in your home. It is recommended that in a household in which several cats live together, each cat have its own litterbox, in order for them to correctly[...]
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Risks if your cat bites / chews a poisonous plant

30 March, 2021
Spring is here! and you probably want to spend more time with your cat in the garden. There are plants that help the body of cats but some others pose a risk to their health. Cats are curious animals by nature and with certain instincts, and have a special weakness for plants, but you should know that the reason why cats chew plants is not to feed themselves, it is due to some intestinal problems they have. Plants are the best way to purge their intestines and promote the transit or expel[...]
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How to prevent your cat from getting on the tv

22 February, 2021
Television can seem like an object of great attention to cats since their eyes can distinguish different colors, especially yellow and green tones. It is logical to think that television is excellent entertainment for the cat, they can even get on the TV, regardless of its dimensions, since their bodies are designed to be agile, strong, and to maintain balance without problems even in tight spaces. The best option is to embed the TV in the wall, in case your cat decides to jump towards it[...]
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Differences between cat grass and Catnip

15 February, 2021
Surely you have experienced that your cat eats house plants or if he has the option of going outside, that he eats grass. Why do cats eat grass? Cats use grass to improve their digestions. If you want to know the uses of cat grass and its benefits, we have a blog where we explain what uses it has and how we can help our cat in this regard. In this article, we are going to focus on the differences between catnip and cat grass.   Differences between catnip and cat grass Although[...]
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How to prevent your cat from urine marking at home

2 February, 2021
The marking of territory by a cat is a normal and innate attitude of felines. There are different ways of marking, it can be by urine, scratches or facially when they rub their face on you or an object. In this blog we are going to discuss the urine marking that occurs in males. If you want to find out how to prevent your cat from marking territory at home, pay close attention to the following tips on this blog. What is the difference between marking and urinating? Cats mark with urine[...]
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Feline immunodeficiency virus: how to detect it

10 January, 2021
Feline immunodeficiency or FIV is a highly contagious disease among cats, caused by a virus that affects the immune system and makes them more vulnerable to other less important diseases or infections. It is very important that everyone thinking about adopting a new pet knows about this disease and its symptoms in order to be able to detect it. What is feline immunodeficiency virus? Feline immunodeficiency virus is a disease caused by a virus called FIV. This virus attacks a cat’s[...]
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What to do when a cat is scared by fireworks

28 December, 2020
As we well know, cats are animals that are easily scared, but if you add to this the common enemy for many pets such as firecrackers, they can have a hard time. The end of the year is approaching and, in many places, it is the perfect time to use fireworks or firecrackers. If you want some tips so that your cat copes better with fireworks with less fear, do not miss the following blog.   How to keep your cat calm during fireworks or firecrackers Pheromones Spreading feline[...]
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How to prevent your cat from having so much interest in the Christmas decorations

15 December, 2020
That time of year when all the houses are filled with Christmas trees, lights and Christmas decorations is approaching. As we well know, these Christmas decorations are not characterized by being discreet, for this reason, many cats are looking forward to this time of the year to be able to play non-stop. It is important to bear in mind that Christmas decorations can be dangerous for cats. For this reason, we are going to give you some tips so that the cat gets along with the Christmas[...]
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Cats and cold weather. Advice for keeping them warm

23 November, 2020
Cats and cold weather don't get along at all. As we well know, cats always look for the sun's rays to lie down and the warmest and most comfortable places in the house. During this winter it is highly recommended to be prepared so that the cats do not get cold and avoid that they themselves have to look for radiators or hiding places where they feel somewhat more comfortable. Felines are very sensitive to temperature changes, for these reasons we want to give you some tips to prevent cats[...]
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Where should I dispose the cat litter?

16 November, 2020
Where to place the cat litter box can influence more than you think. Does your cat not use the litterbox? Have you placed the litter box in the first place you have seen? Do you think your cat feels unsafe or uncomfortable while using the litter box? In this article we are going to explain the importance of the place where to place the cat's litter box and what factors you should take into account when choosing.   Security Cats need to feel calm and safe every time they go to the[...]
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5 tips to make your cat happy

10 November, 2020
The tips to make your cat happy that we are going to give in this blog are some of the factors that you must take into account on a day-to-day basis to offer the cat the basic needs it requires. All of us who have a cat in the family care a lot about giving them the best and we hope they are happy, but do you know how to make your cat happy? Do you know if your cat has everything it needs to be happy? Pay attention to this article where we give you the keys to make your feline happy and[...]
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What is the BARF diet for cats? Is it good or bad?

30 October, 2020
Do you know what the BARF diet is and if it is good or bad? In this article we are going to explain what this BARF diet consists of and what it is, since lately it is becoming “so fashionable” and it is followed by a greater number of people. We know that all cat lovers look for the best for them in every way, food, cat litter, toys… etc. In the search for the best, different aspects of the chosen products are always evaluated to make sure that we really give them what we want. If[...]
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7 tips to get your cat to drink more water

13 October, 2020
As we well know, cats must drink enough water to avoid serious health problems. Not in all cases, nor in all families, this is an easy issue to achieve since there are certain felines that refuse to drink. Do you know why a cat can refuse to drink? In this article we are going to explain some reasons and ways to solve it. If, on the other hand, your cat drinks enough water, but you want to help make it a more pleasant and comfortable habit for him, follow these tips. An important[...]
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Tips to educate a kitten

28 September, 2020
Cats are very independent animals, but like other pets, they can also be educated from an early age. Especially in the case of those kittens that will live at home, whether with other humans, children or animals, it is necessary to get them used from the beginning to good practices. The sooner you start with the education of a kitten, better results you will get regarding their behaviour in adulthood. It is important to keep in mind that this process requires patience, care and time.[...]
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How to stop cats from scratching furniture

22 September, 2020
Has your cat got used to scratching on your favorite furniture? Do you want to stop your cat from scratching furniture? If the answer is yes, follow these easy tips to stop your cat from scratching furniture. These are also very useful advices for all those families who have decided to adopt a cat and want to teach it well from the beginning.   Discover the texture and the way your cat scratches Although scratching and sharpening nails is a must for cats, they don't[...]
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The importance of including wet food in your cat’s diet

8 September, 2020
Do you know the importance of wet food for cats? In this article we clear up all the doubts that may arise about whether or not to give wet food to your cat. Surely you think that, to a cat, like other pets, just giving it its dry food is enough. It is true that the dry cat’s food is already formulated to provide the kitten with all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong, but the supplement with the wet food is essential. Like everything, you have to give it both, but in the[...]
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How to Care for Sphynx cats

24 August, 2020
Most cats, if they do not have any health problems, usually require very similar care, but in the case of the Sphynx or hairless cat breed, there are several considerations to take into account. This cat breed has a very striking characteristic that is obvious such as its absence of fur, although this does not mean that it has nothing. These cats have a very fine hear that is almost imperceptible to the eye and touch and do not have whiskers. These characteristics makes this cat need[...]
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Moving with cats: How to prepare them

4 August, 2020
Moving is a time of stress and worry for many people since on the one hand there is the excitement of going to a new home, but on the other hand, facing moving everything and packing it is endless tasks. If you add a cat to this moving, it can become an even more stressful time. Cats and movings are not a good match. Cats are territorial animals that like to mark all their furniture and objects, so getting to a new place with new smells and rooms can be a difficult time for our[...]
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How to teach your cat to use the litter box

28 July, 2020
One of the first things we must teach our kitten when he comes home is the use of the sandbox, although many cats already come with the lesson learned by imitating their mother. Cats are very clean and organized in this respect, but that doesn't mean that we should not teach them how to use the litter box and be patient if they don´t understand it at first time. Educating our kitten is a process that requires patience and love to adapt to the rules of the home. Here are some tips on[...]
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Four tips to help your cat during the hot months

14 July, 2020
Sun and high temperatures are what awaits us for at least a couple of months. Some people can become overwhelmed and suffer heat stroke, but they are not the only ones; cats also have a hard time in these summer months. For this reason, we must help our cat during the hot months and introduce certain changes into our daily routines so that this summer season passes as well as possible. During this past season we have stayed at home throughout the day, but now that we can go outside, we[...]
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Detecting and treating ear mites in cats

10 June, 2020
There are many types of parasites that can affect the well-being of our pets. One of the most common parasites in cats is ear mites, an easily detectable problem that sometimes goes unnoticed if we don't do a proper health check on your cat. Mites are, together with fleas, the most frequent external parasites in cats. Young cats and long-haired cats are the most likely to experience this type of infestation, suffering its consequences without us noticing until it is too late. We will tell[...]
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Tricks for detecting deafness in cats

14 May, 2020
Detecting deafness in cats is not always as easy as you might think. Unlike deaf people, cats born with this birth defect learn to look for another way to communicate and be prepared for danger, in a natural and detached manner from their keepers. Do you think your cat might be deaf? Have you noticed any strange behaviour and don't know what it might be? Find out all you need to know about deafness in cats, and the best tricks for detecting a hearing problem in your pet. Types of deafness[...]
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Worms in cats, symptoms and treatment

2 April, 2020
Worms are one of the most common parasites in cats. As with external parasites such as fleas, felines need proper deworming to ensure complete physical and behavioural health. When a cat has worms it is easy to detect due to the very characteristic symptoms that are presented, before which you must act quickly with the aid of the veterinarian to get rid of the parasites and the risks that these can entail. Types of worms in cats There are several types of worm parasites that can affect[...]
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Toxoplasmosis in cats; symptoms and treatment

9 January, 2020
Toxoplasmosis is a disease that cats can get from contact with the eggs of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite. This parasite's main host is cats, transmitting it among them and to humans and other pets. Toxoplasmosis in cats is known primarily because of the risk it poses to pregnant women. Although this disease is not present in all cats, nor is it so easily transmitted if proper hygiene guidelines are followed. Do you know exactly how cats get feline toxoplasmosis? Find out how it is[...]
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Tips for calming hyperactivity in cats

2 January, 2020
Cats are generally very quiet animals, spending much of the day sleeping. However, some cats exhibit unusual behaviour, with an excess of activity that may be considered pathological. Hyperactivity in cats can depend on age, the animal’s personality, and on a health problem that must be detected in time. Does your cat also have moments of madness and you don't understand why it behaves this way? Find out when this over-activity is considered normal and what hyperactivity is in cats, so you[...]
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6 tricks for getting your cat to drink more water

19 December, 2019
Domestic cats are pets that tend to drink less water than they actually need. Whether due to the cat’s diet, age or lifestyle, sometimes it is necessary to encourage your cat to drink more water and achieve an adequate water balance. One aspect to keep in mind with cats is that they are animals to whom it is not appealing at all to drink stagnant water from a drinking bowl. Over time, the water accumulates dirt and odours, which makes the cat to refuse to drink it if it does not find it[...]
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Why does my cat have bald spots?

12 December, 2019
Pet hair loss is a cyclical process that is repeated every year depending on the season. In the cooler months, many cats tend to shed considerably less hair, which is lost in greater quantity during the hottest months of the year. What is more of a concern is when a cat has bald patches due to excessive hair loss. What should I do in these cases? When a cat has bald spots in some parts of its fur, it can be due to many different reasons. A disorder that many pets can suffer at least once in[...]
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How to apply cat pipettes

21 November, 2019
Cat pipettes are a very important part of the pet deworming process. They are very easy to apply. You must always use products that are specifically for cats that do not cause adverse effects to the health of the animal. Find out what the function of cat pipettes is, how they work and how to apply them at home as directed by veterinary professionals. Keep your pet's health and safety in check by making proper use of external antiparasitic agents. What are cat pipettes? Pipettes are[...]
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Cat castration: how it is done and its consequences

7 November, 2019
Cat castration is a routine operation in veterinary centres, carried out to control the feline population. Whether you have a female cat at home, or you want to do a good deed for a colony of stray cats by preventing new kittens from being born, spaying and neutering female cats is always the best option. Spaying cats also prevents any problems arising while the animal is in heat, as hormonal and behavioural changes are more easily regulated. If you are also thinking of spaying your[...]
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Weaning kittens: How and when to do it

10 October, 2019
The main food for new-born cats is breast milk. This will be their main source of nutrients until they can begin to diversify their diet. This is when weaning occurs. A maturation process that differs from animal to animal. Feeding kittens During the first weeks of a kitten's life, its mother's milk is the food that provides it with the energy and nutrients it needs to continue developing. As well as the antibodies that will be part of its immune system. This milk completely covers the[...]
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The primordial pouch in cats; what is it and what is it for?

19 September, 2019
Have you ever noticed that some cats have a hanging belly that swings when they walk? Some people think that this flaccidity is due to an overweight feline, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is the primordial pouch, and it is common in some cat breeds. The primordial pouch usually appears in adulthood, it looks like excess skin, regardless of whether the cat is or has been overweight. We will tell you about all the curiosities of it, so you can also identify it in your[...]
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Treating feline calicivirus or ‘cat flu’

6 September, 2019
Feline calicivirus or cat flu is one of the most contagious pet diseases. It is important to know both how to prevent and treat feline calicivirus, the main cause of a disease that affects cats at different levels. Discover with Sepicat what this disease that can cause serious damage to your pet consists of, the risks that are involved, how to detect it and the treatment to follow. No cat is safe from contracting this virus, so every precaution must be taken to prevent one of the worst[...]
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Neutering and weight increase in cats

22 August, 2019
It is increasingly frequent now for cat owners to decide and neuter their pets, due to security reasons and as a control measure against cat birth rate, regardless of the pets being inside the house or when they have contact with the outside. A normal fear of many people is for their pet to gain weight once it is neutered. Weight increase at this stage is due to all changes us cats go through during this stage, but there are always different options to prevent and control said changes. Find[...]
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Fruits cats can safely eat

2 August, 2019
As cats we are carnivores which means that the base of our diet must be comprised of animal proteins from meats and fish. However some cats are crazy about some vegetables, particularly some frits which are very attractive due to their taste and smell. Not everything is adequate for feeding cats. Some fruits can be taken without a problem as long as there are taken moderately and others which are to be limited since they are highly toxic. Today we are going to see which cats can have during[...]
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Use of cat grass

18 July, 2019
When we talk about 'cat grass', the plant that will come to your mind will be that whose smell makes cats crazy, the catnip. However, besides this, there is another type of grass that they also love, and which is very necessary for their health and well-being at home. Natural cat grass is not just a supplement for pets. If your cat does not usually have access to the outside, providing this type of plant can help him/her to do a better digestion, being an excellent supply of fibre. Which[...]
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Can cats drink milk?

4 July, 2019
Do you also think that milk is one of cats' favourite foods? Nothing could be further from the truth, because except for the mother's milk that kittens take directly from their mothers, the adult cats cannot completely digest this food, much less if it is milk from another animal. Therefore, can cats drink milk? Today, we will tell you the effect of milk on cats, what happens when you give your cat milk, and what kind of milk is best for your cat. Listen carefully! Milk and cats Humans[...]
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Tips to cut your cat’s nails

20 June, 2019
Cats' nails grow very fast. For this reason, we need to be constantly sharpening them to wear them out so that they do not become a nuisance. If you do not want your cat to resort to the furniture and the sofa at home to keep an optimum length of their nails, it is recommended that you cut them every 2 or 3 weeks. It is normal for your feline to be reluctant and not to agree with his/her weekly nail clip. So today, we give you some tips and tricks to make this activity more[...]
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How to give a pill to my cat

13 June, 2019
Take note of these methods, so you can effectively administer medication to your cat. When the issue is to give a pill to your cat, any trick is good so that he/she ends up taking it. However, cats are very suspicious animals, and although there are some who are very docile and take their medications without complaining, others resist much more. For these latter, there are some tricks to give a pill that can be very useful. As the most normal thing is that they do not take it on their[...]
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What vaccines does a cat need?

21 May, 2019
Adopting a new pet requires a set of responsibilities, highlighting the health care. If you are thinking of adopting a kitten, or you already have a cat at home, but you do not know what vaccines you should administer him/her, we tell you which are the most recommended and when they should get them. At what age is the first vaccine given to a kitten? There is no mandatory vaccination schedule for cats. However, veterinarians recommend a set of vaccines as protection for the pets’ health,[...]
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How to prepare your cat to go to the veterinarian

17 April, 2019
Home cats do not like to leave home, much less if it is a visit to the veterinarian which is not usually too comfortable for them, causing them big stress. For this reason, experts in feline ethology recommend that before visiting the veterinarian, we prepare ourselves to avoid any unpleasant conflict. Follow these simple tips to reduce your cat stress the next time you have to go to the veterinary practice. Keep calm Cats realise that something weird is happening when humans act strangely[...]
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The importance of scrapers for cats

21 March, 2019
One of the most important accessories for a home-loving cat is the scraper. We, the felines that do not have at hand any surface in which we can sharpen our nails, we tend to look for other alternatives, ending up destroying furniture and fabrics. From the first months of life of a kitten, it is necessary to teach him/her to use the scraper, since it is more than a toy. This accessory is a way to keep our nails more taken care of, and to release stress while we keep fit. Uses of the scraper[...]
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Why does my cat drink a lot of water?

7 March, 2019
Cats usually tend to drink very little water. Most of the daily hydration that we, cats, need to live is obtained from food, complementing it with the clean water that we usually find in our drinker and in any water source that we have on hand. Then, is it normal for a cat to drink a lot of water? If your cat suddenly starts drinking more water than usual, he/she may be going through a urinary disorder, very common in adult and older cats. When cats are thirstier, it is a sign that[...]
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Advantages of natural food for cats

13 February, 2019
We are what we eat; and in the animal world, this statement is as valid as for humans. Especially for cats, who are hunters by nature and to whom, since they live in a house without being able to go outside, natural food becomes even more important. The natural diet for cats contains all the nutrients that cats need for their proper development and the maintenance of their health. If you are also concerned about the welfare of your cat and want the best for him/her, you will definitely love[...]
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Curiosities about the Sphynx cat, or cat with no hair

7 February, 2019
Do you know the origin of these curious cats? Do you know what special care they need? Discover all about the Egyptian cat or cat with no hair, and get ready to be amazed! Commonly called sphinx cats, the hairless cats of the sphynx breed are the most exotic pets you can have at home. Being of great elegance, thin and with the body completely free of hair, they are praised by many but also feared by others. Their appearance with wrinkled skin, big ears and bony tail can be a synonym for[...]
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Basic care for older cats

24 January, 2019
Old age for cats comes approximately when we reach 8 years of age.  It is at this stage when the care of a cat becomes more special, with different needs than those of young kitties. If your cat already begins to show signs that it is getting older, it is time to make its old age as pleasant as possible. As happens in humans, ailments can make them lose quality of life, and all care is little for your kitty, as it is another member of your family. Food for older cats Just as there is a[...]
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What does it mean when my kitty moves her tail?

17 January, 2019
Beyond meows, cats have other ways of communicating with humans. One of the most frequent are the positions and movement of our tails, through which we can easily show our state of mind. Through this body language you can get a lot of information about us. If you have not yet learned to interpret the messages that your cat sends you through its tail, it is time to find out what each movement means. Tail lifted When we raise the tail in a totally vertical position, or with the tip slightly[...]
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How to care for a cat with pink eye

20 December, 2018
Conjunctivitis in cats is one of the most frequent eye problems. It can occur at any stage of our lives, causing many discomforts, and even being dangerous if not treated in time. This type of ocular disease begins very mildly, but as it gets worse it can damage the cornea and the internal structures of the eye, causing blindness, which in many cases is irreversible. Have you noticed that the health of your pet's eyes has worsened? Find out if it your kitty has conjunctivitis and how you[...]
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Curiosities about white cats

13 December, 2018
White hair cats are one of the most admired in the animal world. Some think that white cats are the result of multiple genetic mutations, and yet it has been found that the first breeds of cats that populated the planet had mainly light colours or a mixture. When you are looking for information about cats, many of the most curious secrets have to do with the colour of their fur. Today we are going to see what is said about white cats, with some of the curiosities that you might not have[...]
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Poisonous plants for cats

29 November, 2018
Sometimes your kitty can be very attracted to plants and get carried away by the natural urge to chew them. Although most of the plants that are within our reach are completely harmless, there are some species that can be very dangerous for our health, and that you should always consider when caring for your kitty. We do not know how to differentiate when a plant is poisonous, so it is the responsibility of humans not to leave plants that do us harm within our reach. Do you know which are[...]
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Why does my cat hiss at me?

22 November, 2018
Cats hiss the humans when they are very upset or because they are scared. This form of communication is common when the situation escapes our control, for example if something we do not like or when we find a threat. Does your kitty hiss at you a lot? It may be that you are doing something wrong, and that your pet is warning you, or because it is not in good health. Discover what are the main causes why a cat usually hisses so that you are also alert and know how to care for a cat. Reasons[...]
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How long is the pregnancy of a cat?

15 November, 2018
Like pregnancy in other animals, the pregnancy of a cat can have a variable duration that depends on the age of the cat, the number of kittens that your cat is going to give birth to, and the physical and health conditions of the future mother. The duration of pregnancy of a cat is between 58 and 66 days approximately, although it is very complicated to know the exact time of conception, since the pregnancy symptoms do not become evident until a few weeks later. Once the ovum has been[...]
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How to pet a cat

25 October, 2018
Cats love to be caressed, but as soon we look for human care, we may get tired of being touched and end up biting or scratching without warning. The thing is that petting a cat may seem simple but requires technique and some tricks to extend that moment of contact with your kitty. There are some places where your kitty loves to be pet and others that we don’t want you to touch for anything in the world. If you also want to learn how to pet your cat, these tricks will be a great help to[...]
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How to know if a cat is in heat?

27 September, 2018
The moment comes when every cat begins its reproductive stage, known as oestrus, presenting unusual behaviour for humans. Oestrus is a stage through which both male and female cats go through, although in the case of young kittens the process becomes much more evident. If you believe that your cat could be in heat, discover all the information about cats that help you detect symptoms, when this stage begins, how often it repeats, and what care you should give your pet. What is oestrus in[...]
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Diabetes in cats: How to detect and treat it

6 September, 2018
We cats are prone to suffer from Diabetes Mellitus type 2 if we do not take care of ourselves properly. Obesity, poor diet and even our genetic make-up can be some factors that determine the onset of this disease. Looking out for the possible symptoms that can present in cats is very important for detecting the disease on time. Do you think your cat might have diabetes? We will tell you how to detect diabetes in cats and how to care for a cat that has this endocrine problem. How to detect[...]
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Can cats eat tuna?

23 August, 2018
Tuna is the basic ingredient in many feeds and wet food for cats. But can cats eat tuna just like you humans do? Surely you will have realized that your cat loves the smell and taste of tuna and persistently asks you to share whenever you have some at home. If it were up to us, we live exclusively on tuna, although we know that we cannot in fact do this. Today we will tell you whether cats can eat natural tuna and canned tuna and in what quantity. Learn what problems cats that mainly eat[...]
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What to do with your cat during holidays?

20 June, 2018
Holiday season is approaching, that time of year when humans spend extended periods of time outside the home and they ask themselves what to do with their pets while they are away. Leaving your cat at home, asking someone to look after her, or even taking your cat with you on your trip; there are many convenient options for you to choose. If you are still not sure what you are going to do, let’s look at the advantages and the steps for caring for a cat that must be taken into account in[...]
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How to take your cat to the veterinarian

23 May, 2018
Having to get in the carrier is a real odyssey for many cats, but if on top of that it is to go see the veterinarian, our stress level goes sky high and we can become very grumpy and even aggressive. Regularly visiting the veterinarian is very important for properly caring for a cat, but if we cats have a really hard time while outside, the visit itself can be detrimental to our health. This is why there are some tricks for taking a cat to the vet so she is calm and as stress-free as[...]
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Is bathing your cat necessary?

9 May, 2018
Cats are the cleanest pet you can have in your home. We spend a lot of time cleaning ourselves throughout the day. Still, on occasion we may appear a little dirtier than we would like and a little help never hurts. Bathing a cat is only recommended in very specific cases, and just like with other cat care tips, bathing must be done while keeping your pet's comfort in mind. As a cleanliness expert, given that I spend many hours a day cleaning myself with great care, today I want to share[...]
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How to search for a lost cat

27 April, 2018
What can I do if my cat is lost? This is a question all you humans ask when you have to look for your missing cat, but it never hurts to know what steps to take, among the other ways you care for your cat, so you are prepared even before the situation arises. We cats are curious animals and occasionally we sneak off. The problem is when we cannot find the way back home. When your cat is missing you must remain calm and take the proper course of action to find them as soon as possible. Look[...]
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How to take care of a cat when she vomits

20 April, 2018
We cats vomit more than you might think, although in most cases we do not have a serious problem or illness. However, you humans can't help worrying when you see your cat vomit, and the importance of knowing how to take care of a cat when she has vomited - and when to see the veterinarian without delay - cannot be overemphasised. Today we will look at the most common reasons that felines vomit and the steps to follow in each situation. Take note of how take care of a cat when she has vomited[...]
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Why does my cat sleep in the litter box?

13 April, 2018
It is very normal for some cats to sleep in the litter box when they are kittens. But one thing about cats that we should all know is that if an adult cat tends to spend too much time in his litter box, something is not right and he needs urgent care to solve the problem. If you notice your cat spending a lot of time in the litter box and even sleeping in or near it on a regular basis, you need to observe his behaviour in order to identify the specific problem and solve it straight away.[...]
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How to show your cat your affection

9 March, 2018
Cats are much more independent pets than dogs. But the fact that they do not need constant cuddling and petting from their family does not mean that they do not enjoy it just as much. There are cats that seek out human contact more often and others that only do so on a few occasions. Still, even the most independent cat needs to be shown affection. For cats, love is shown in small gestures that are learned little by little. Communication between cats and humans is complex, but once we learn[...]
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Why your cat is sometimes aggressive

23 February, 2018
The first thing you should keep in mind when dealing with us kitties is that we’re nothing like dogs. Having information about cats before embarking on the adventure of getting one is always a good idea. This time I want to tell you why your cat can,  at times, be somewhat aggressive. Along with your effort to teach us to use the sandbox and dealing with our territorial desires, one of the clashes between humans and kitties is possible feline aggression. Although hunting and aggressive[...]
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Diets for cats with special needs

9 February, 2018
Humans, I hope that by this time you are clear about how to care for a cat. Our diet must always be balanced, provide us with the energy and nutrition our small bodies need. Regardless of whether or not your kitty has special needs, you should pay special attention to your diet so that we don’t get too fat and stay as healthy as possible. Now then, if your kitty has a chronic illness, food intolerance or is overweight, you will have to provide a diet that meets our needs. But, do you know[...]
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How to care for your Siamese cat!

25 January, 2018
So, you’re thinking about getting a Siamese cat as a flat mate. Congratulations, it is the most affectionate cat breed you will find. In fact, given the fascination of Siamese cats with humans, it is known as "the dog of cats". They don’t really like to go outside, but when their human takes them out for a walk, the Siamese cat is delighted. What's more, your kitty will even let you use a leash for long walks without feeling any temptation to escape. Your good luck doesn’t stop[...]
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How to survive Christmas with your cat

22 December, 2017
It’s Christmastime! The time when our humans build an amusement park inside the house for us… I mean, they decorate the house with Christmas decorations ;). We just adore this time of year, because we have ourselves a great time “tearing up” your decorations. No, we don’t do it to misbehave, we just simply love having so many “toys” so close within a paw’s reach But not to despair, humans, I’m also here to give you a few little tips to enable you to survive Christmas with your[...]
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Why does my cat lick itself a lot? Is that normal?

1 December, 2017
Humans, by now you should know that we cats spend hours and hours grooming ourselves. It’s completely normal for us to lick our bodies to get ourselves good and clean and in good condition. What’s more, you shouldn’t worry if you notice us spending 6 to 12 hours a day on our personal grooming, because that’s what we normally do. You should only devote some special attention to us if you find that our licking is resulting in little sore place on our skin or bald spots on our tummy, legs[...]
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Cat vaccines: Which ones must your cat have and when?

10 November, 2017
Progressively more and more cat vaccines are being put on the market, but did you know that not all of them are necessary? It’s important for you to rely on a qualified veterinarian to first examine your kitty and then tell you what vaccines it actually needs, when they should be given and on what schedule. If your kitten is not yet weaned, wait until its eight weeks old and is weaned before taking it to be given any vaccine. It’s very important that you know that a mother cat’s first[...]
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How to help your cat’s digestion

3 November, 2017
Your cat’s digestion processes are particularly long if we compare them to those of humans. Besides, you humans entertain that odd belief that what’s best for us is eating sardines and drinking milk, when the truth of the matter is that we cats are hunters and are much fonder of meat. Mind you now, just like you humans, not everything sets well with us, making it hard for us to digest. Although our digestive apparatus is quite similar to yours, our gastric juices are much more powerful,[...]
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Is your cat overweight? We’ll tell you how you can help your cat be healthier

20 October, 2017
We love eating, you know. But since you’ve taken responsibility for us, you may be letting us eat too much. And much less your own food, which, even though is yummy, doesn’t set well with us at all and can get us overweight. You shouldn’t overlook the fact that we cats will always be happier and much healthier if we keep our ideal weight. Another aspect to bear in mind so as to avoid giving in to the temptation of letting your kitties get fat is the fact that, if we don’t weigh what we[...]
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My cat’s hair falls out in autumn. What should I do?

13 October, 2017
Human, are you concerned because your kitty’s hair falls out in autumn? Not to worry. That’s completely natural, since your cat is simply shedding its coat as the season changes. This shedding usually takes place twice a year, with the change from autumn to winter and from winter to springtime. Even though we usually shed much more hair when good weather arrives, we can also lose a considerable amount of hair in autumn. Don’t try forcing us to shed. It’s impossible to avoid at the[...]
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How often should I clean my cat’s litterbox?

7 April, 2017
When we go to our litterbox, we cats like to find a clean, odor-free place. In fact, in outdoors settings, a cat will rarely go to the same place twice to do its business. Don't you think it's important to decide how often you should cleand your cat's litter box? So, if you don’t want to be coming across some unpleasant surprises, the best thing to do is to keep your cat’s litterbox as clean as possible. That includes removing your cat’s feces daily and cleaning the litterbox[...]
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