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Why your cat’s stopped using its litterbox and how to fix this problem

31 May, 2021
If your cat has recently stopped using its litterbox when relieving himself, it is important that you know that there are two main reasons why cats can stop using the litter tray or litterbox. The reasons may be that your cat has bad hygienic habits or because it is a very territorial cat. You must learn to differentiate the reasons that lead them to relieve themselves outside the litterbox, but don't worry, it is not very difficult to catch the trick. Bad hygiene habits If you see that[...]
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How to take care of my cat in spring

27 April, 2021
With the arrival of spring, our beloved kittens are more active and energetic. The temperature is getting higher and higher and the sun begins to take center stage. We must pay more attention to the care of our cats during these months as new risks appear for pets.   Coat care At this time of year and derived from the increase in temperature, our cats begin to look thinner and more stylized, as they begin to shed the coat of hair that protected them from the cold in autumn and[...]
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Risks if your cat bites / chews a poisonous plant

30 March, 2021
Spring is here! and you probably want to spend more time with your cat in the garden. There are plants that help the body of cats but some others pose a risk to their health. Cats are curious animals by nature and with certain instincts, and have a special weakness for plants, but you should know that the reason why cats chew plants is not to feed themselves, it is due to some intestinal problems they have. Plants are the best way to purge their intestines and promote the transit or expel[...]
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How to prevent your cat from urine marking at home

2 February, 2021
The marking of territory by a cat is a normal and innate attitude of felines. There are different ways of marking, it can be by urine, scratches or facially when they rub their face on you or an object. In this blog we are going to discuss the urine marking that occurs in males. If you want to find out how to prevent your cat from marking territory at home, pay close attention to the following tips on this blog. What is the difference between marking and urinating? Cats mark with urine[...]
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Feline immunodeficiency virus: how to detect it

10 January, 2021
Feline immunodeficiency or FIV is a highly contagious disease among cats, caused by a virus that affects the immune system and makes them more vulnerable to other less important diseases or infections. It is very important that everyone thinking about adopting a new pet knows about this disease and its symptoms in order to be able to detect it. What is feline immunodeficiency virus? Feline immunodeficiency virus is a disease caused by a virus called FIV. This virus attacks a cat’s[...]
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5 tips to make your cat happy

10 November, 2020
The tips to make your cat happy that we are going to give in this blog are some of the factors that you must take into account on a day-to-day basis to offer the cat the basic needs it requires. All of us who have a cat in the family care a lot about giving them the best and we hope they are happy, but do you know how to make your cat happy? Do you know if your cat has everything it needs to be happy? Pay attention to this article where we give you the keys to make your feline happy and[...]
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