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Cat Supplies: All You Need to Know About Cat Accessories

3 June, 2022
Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world - they only need you to provide them with food, water, and a safe place to sleep. That makes it easy for everyone to afford having them around the house! But, in order to provide your four-legged friend with a forever home that includes all the pet supplies they need and so that you don't have to worry about running out when they destroy something, it may be time to lay down some cash on some new cat accessories. Cat Toys: Types, Fun and[...]
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What is the best litter for a baby kitten?

5 April, 2021
Cats by nature like to relieve themselves on the ground or cat litter, from a young age. At around 21 days of age, if you offer them a litter box, they will use it either because they learn it from their mother or simply by instinct. For this reason, the cat litter is going to be one of those essential products that you can never miss in your home. It is recommended that in a household in which several cats live together, each cat have its own litterbox, in order for them to correctly[...]
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Top-Entry Litter Box. Good or bad?

5 March, 2021
We all know that litter boxes are the place where cats relieve themselves and should be designed for their comfort and safety. In the market there are litter boxes closed or trays, a topic that we talked about in previous articles, but in this blog we are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages about top entry litter boxes. It should be noted that the litter box with a top opening would fit into the closed litter boxes, so if your cat does not tolerate well the litter boxes that[...]
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Ideas for the perfect Christmas present for cats

21 December, 2020
Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present for your cat? Santa Claus is coming and we must be prepared to ask for all those toys, food or accessories that the cats in the house need. In this article we want to give you some ideas to be able to have the perfect gift for your kitten.   Ideas for the perfect Christmas present for cats Each family is different, but there are always certain items that are a MUST HAVE in every home. In previous articles such as: what we need for[...]
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What is the best cat litter for my cat? Clumping cat litter

25 October, 2020
Do you know how to choose the best litter for your cat? Do you have doubts about whether you are using the correct litter or not? We know that there are many litters on the market and whether we are "first timers" or not, choosing the cat litter can be a complicated task. If your cat is also a bit exquisite and not all types will work for him, this task can be a big headache. For these reasons, in this article we are going to give you some advice on the types of litters that exist and[...]
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Which is the best comb for your cat?

6 October, 2020
In this article, we are going to explain the types of combs available on the market and which of them suits better for you and your cat. There is a widespread theory that combs for pets should be chosen according to the type of hair they have. Long, short, abundant ... etc. But, this is a mistake. It is true that we must take into account the type of fur that our cat has, but it is also necessary to know what is the purpose for what we buy it. I mean, do we want to comb out her[...]
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What do we need for the arrival home of a cat

7 July, 2020
The arrival at home of a cat is always a moment of nerves and enthusiasm in equal parts. This kitten, whether puppy or adult, will need certain care and accessories to lead a happy and fulfilling life in every way. If it is the first time that you are going to introduce a cat into your home and you are lost or if you have had this pet before but want to prepare for the arrival of a new feline, keep reading this blog where we will explain what we need for the arrival home of a[...]
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Types of cat scratchers – which one to choose?

10 June, 2020
If you're also thinking of adopting a new kitten or changing your old pet's scratcher, you should be aware of the types of scratchers available on the market, so you can find the one that best suits the needs of your home and your cat. We will analyse which are the most common types of cat scratchers, their features and main advantages, so you can make the best decision for your home. Types of cat scratchers and their advantages Scratching towers The tower-shaped cat scratcher is one of[...]
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Litter tray or box? Pros and cons

9 June, 2020
Cats are domestic animals that have a number of basic needs. Although there is a false belief that they are the most independent pets and the least demanding in their daily care, there is one detail that we must pay attention to above all so that our cat lives comfortably at home: the litter tray. Both the type of sand we put inside the tray and the container itself must be adapted to the use and needs of each cat. There are as many types of litter trays as there are cats with different[...]
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What are the best toys for your cat’s age?

4 January, 2020
Are you looking for the last Christmas present for your cat? Don’t you know what toy to buy for your cat? What are the best toys for your cat’s age? Cats have an indisputable passion for sleeping. They could spend hours and hours lazing about, but as felines they are also skilled hunters. They still have an instinct that needs to be triggered through the use of various cat toys and accessories so they move. There are endless types of toys for cats, which can be adapted to suit each[...]
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Cat treat recipes that your furry friends will love!

12 September, 2019
There are many types of cat treats on the market that pets go crazy for. However, these industrial treats are not as healthy as the cat treat recipes you can make yourself at home. Easily adaptable to the preferences and needs of your cat, at Sepicat we offer you 3 ideas of home-made treats that you can make with 100% natural ingredients. Get to work and surprise your cat with these delicious and easy-to-make snacks. Easy and delicious cat treat recipes Carrot and natural tuna[...]
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What gifts can we give to our kitty?

3 January, 2019
Cats are another member of the family, and as such, we have the same enthusiasm to receive some gifts at Christmas that shows us how much we are loved. One way to generate an affective bond with your pet is to find a detail so that you know that you also remember her. Beyond the typical toys for cats, which are something more personal according to the preferences and the age of the feline, today I want to propose some very useful gifts that your pet will surely make good use of. Choose your[...]
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The importance of blankets for cats

6 June, 2018
You will surely have noticed that cats have a particular penchant for blankets. We have behaviours that humans might find strange, but that we find very commonplace. Blankets are indispensable cat accessories, and if you doubt that, give your cat a blanket he likes. You will see that you will not be able to separate the two. We use our favourite blankets for sleeping, hiding food and toys, biting and even kneading it like we were giving it a relaxing massage. But why do we do these[...]
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Is a microchip ID obligatory for your cat?

16 May, 2018
Finding a cat after she gets lost can be very difficult if she is not wearing an ID tag on her collar. This is why microchipping is a very safe system that allows us to locate our cats at all times, although not all cats have been microchipped yet. Use of the microchip ID system has spread around the world in recent years not only in cats, but also in other pets. Microchipping is even obligatory in many countries. What about in Europe? Are cats required to carry a microchip? When is a[...]
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Types of cat litter according to their needs

23 March, 2018
Cats are the cleanest pets you can find and they also have the advantage of not needing to leave the house to take care of their daily business. However, this is precisely why they always need access to a litter box that suits their needs, with clean, top-quality litter so they can feel at ease each time they go to the bathroom. Cat hygiene is one of the aspects that we need to care for the most so our pets enjoy the best physical and mental health possible. To that end, Sepicat has a wide[...]
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Types of cat litter that you should know

15 December, 2017
Hello there, humans! I know that decision-making isn’t always easy, much less so if the decision is all about buying us the best there is on the market. Not to worry, I’m here to help you and show you the differences between clumping and non-clumping cat litters. That’s right, you can’t put a combination of the two in our litterbox for us. You’ll have to opt for one kind or the other, always bearing in mind your kitties’ preferences and the amount of time you can devote to[...]
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What cat litter should I buy?

17 March, 2017
Humans, if you're newcomers to having us as pets, it's normal that you be somewhat confused when selecting the best cat litter. Luckily, you can now rely on me and Sepicat cat litters, the finest you'll find anywhere on the market. In fact, if you've had one or more cats as lifetime companions for years now and you haven't shared the advantages of these cat litters with them, you just don't know how to enjoy the finer things in life. If you're reading what I'm saying, I can then assume that[...]
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I want to change over to a different cat litter. What’s the best way to go about that?

10 March, 2017
This isn't the first time I've told you about just how very particular we cats are regarding showing how anything pleases us. It's true that we can seem a little standoffish at times, but that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate it when you make an effort to have everything just the way to like it. The same could be said for the world of cat litters. Here,  we are indeed quite particular, because we are very clean animals and we like for our litterbox to be a clean, convenient place for[...]
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Best Cat Litter for Odour Control

24 February, 2017
You’ll find many types of cat litter at Sepicat to best meet your cats’ toilet needs. So, would you know how to select the cat litter that’s best for your pet at a glance? And what about you? Which one is the most advantageous for you? You humans make life difficult for yourselves, and when it comes to choosing the best cat litter, you make it harder that it really is. But, even we cats know what you’re really looking for: a cat litter that lasts, that’s lightweight, that provides[...]
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You still don’t know which Sepicat product to choose? Learn how to use our cat litter selector!

27 January, 2017
I’ve been talking to you for some time now about all of the fine qualities Sepicat cat litters have to offer, and although I don’t have anything against you trying to let your cat pick and choose from among all the cat litters we have available, we’d like to invite you to take advantage of our online Litter Selector. Yes, the people at Sepicat know their business and are fully aware of the fact that not all litters are best for all cats. That’s why they’ve thought of you humans[...]
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Sepicat Lightweight Classic: a state-of- the-art classic

30 December, 2016
This isn’t the first time I’m telling you about all the good things Sepicat Lightweight cat litters have to offer, but I have just fallen in love with them, and it’s hard for me to get them off my mind. This time, I’d like to show you the great reasons why we consider Sepicat Lightweight Classic to be a true state-of- the-art classic. Just like the entire Sepicat line,  Sepicat Lightweight Classic is a cat litter with amazing clumpability. In my opinion, it’s like the Frank[...]
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Discover all the Sepicat absorbent cat litters’ great qualities

9 December, 2016
So far, every time I’ve talked to you about any of the Sepicat cat litters, I have always been talking about the lightweight clumping cat litters. By now, you must have tried them and your cats are very glad you have, but the time is always good for discovering the great qualities of the Sepicat absorbent cat litters. If you’re one of those humans who like the convenience of a simple, hassle-free product also requiring no complicated maintenance, the Sepicat absorbent cat litters are[...]
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Sepicat LightWeight Ultra Antibacterial: Keep rid of bad odors longer

10 November, 2016
I admit that having to clean your cat’s litterbox really often can be a tremendously tedious chore. And not only for you human, because we cats don’t like our litterbox all smelly and dirty after just one use. Thank goodness there’s  Sepicat LightWeight Ultra Antibacterial to make us feel better! Yes, with this lightweight ultra-clumping cat litter incorporating a powerful bacterial agent, you’ll be able to keep our litterbox odor-free for much longer. This is something we deeply[...]
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Sebas adores SepicatLightweight Ultra Fresh

14 October, 2016
Lightweight clumping cat litter comprised of totally superabsorbent, fine natural clay granules which are forty-percent lighter in weight that the conventional clumping bentonites… But what I really love about the Lightweight Ultra Fresh cat litter is its subtle touch of fragrance. It drives me meowild! I know, I know, it’s very lightweight and easy to handle for humans. Totally effortless for keeping our litterbox as should be, achieving major savings, given that this litter provides[...]
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Sebas and Sepicat’s absorbent cat litters

16 September, 2016
I’m a spoiled kitty, I know, but quite rightly so, because the folks at Sepicat always have me in mind when manufacturing their kitty litter. So, who’s going to say no to being pampered, right? If you here at home are folks preferring to have it easy keeping our “potty” clean and odor-free with minimal maintenance, you should take a good look at Sepicat absorbent cat litters. All Sepicat absorbent cat litters are lightweight, economical and highly absorbent (non- clumping). Thank[...]
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Sebas and the Sepicat LightWeight cat litters

19 August, 2016
You know that for us to feel comfortable, we need a clean environment and to be able to keep up our strict hygiene standards. Nothing better for doing so than taking best advantage of all the benefits that Sepicat LightWeight cat litters offers us. This is Sepicat’s newest, most revolutionary  LightWeight clumping cat litter, comprised of a combination of special, completely natural clays up to 40 % lighter in weight than other conventional clumping cat litter. Yes, the Sepicat[...]
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Types of cat litter

19 July, 2016
You sure can’t say having a cat isn’t easy and convenient. We’re very clean pets. You don’t have to take us out for a walk. And all you have to do is leave us food, fresh water and a good litter box for us to be as happy as can be. However, you surely must have wondered more than once about which type of cat litter is the best choice. So, let’s take a look and see about that. The most important thing is for you to provide us with a litter box that is nice and clean and dry. That[...]
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Sebas recommends Sepicat Lightweight Extreme Fresh

10 June, 2016
Meow! Sepicat is making Lightweight Extreme Fresh available to our owners! Sure, you’re not a cat, so you can’t be as excited as I am! But my feline friends and I find this news most refreshing, because this is the latest addition to the lightweight clumping cat litter product range.[...]
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Welcome to the Sepicat blog!

25 May, 2016
We’re starting out on a new endeavor and launching a blog where, besides giving you the finer details about our products, we will be keeping up to date concerning the care, grooming and interesting tidbits concerning our beloved kitties. Because your cat’s important to you, Sepicat gives your cat good care. Sepicat comes from Sepiolsa, one of the largest mining companies worldwide engaged in the mining and sale of special clays and minerals that are obtained considering ecological[...]
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