Hairballs in cats: how to remove them

Hairballs in cats: how to remove them

20 July, 2021

Today we are going to talk about hairballs in cats. Hair loss throughout the year is common, but depending on the temperature, cats lose more or less amount. With the arrival of summer you will notice that your cat’s hair falls out more than normal, it is time to shed its hair. When high temperatures occur, the grooming of the cat becomes constant and can bring unwanted consequences in the form of hairballs. Kittens spend a large part of their time grooming themselves, all their effort is to always stay clean, for this, they use their tongue and front legs.
After continuous grooming, cats swallow two thirds of the hair on their stomachs through their tongues, which they shed, which can cause serious stomach and intestine jams. Cats usually expel a large part of the ingested hair after grooming through vomiting or feces, however, when there is excess hair it tends to compact within the digestive tract, making it difficult to expel and can cause serious consequences.


How can I prevent my cat’s hair from falling out?

Despite the problems that the daily and constant cleaning of our cat can cause, we must never prevent them from cleaning it, but we can take other measures that help prevent our cat from ingesting large amounts of hair in its stomach.


Summer arrives and our cat begins to lose that extra layer of hair that is left over. Our sofas or our clothes are filled with large amounts of hair when our cat leans. Imagine then, the amount of hair they may be eating when grooming. To prevent it from swallowing so much hair it is necessary that we brush daily and gradually remove the excess hair. Thus, we will achieve that, although some hairballs may be produced inside, they are smaller and our cat can easily expel them.


Food is a fundamental role in improving the quality of our kitten’s coat. We must make a diet rich in fiber to facilitate intestinal transit and thus our cat expels and eliminates the remains of hair naturally.
There are special supplements to give extra help in the coat of our cats. To prevent hair loss and ball formation, it is advisable to give our cat a dermatological and laxative supplement. This supplement makes it even easier for our kitten to get rid of the amounts of ingested hair and at the same time cares for, hydrates and restores his skin and hair.


Catnip will make it easier for our cat to expel hairballs since it manages to purge and vomit safely.


Remember … we must pay close attention to cat hairballs. It is important that you follow these recommendations to avoid more serious consequences.

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