How to introduce a cat when there is another one in the family

How to introduce a cat when there is another one in the family

15 September, 2020

In previous blogs we talked about the things to keep in mind before adopting a cat in order to check all the possible consequences.

If you have decided to add a new member to the family, but you already had another feline member and you do not know what to do to make them get along, in this blog we give you all the keys to introduce a cat when there is another one at home.

First of all, it is important to take into account how the cat’s personality is. It is not the same that it is a cat that has been in contact with other felines or animals before, than a cat that has always been alone in the house and has not had any contact with the outside world and with other animals.

Is it a sociable cat and good at changes? This is another of the big questions that we must ask ourselves since, if this is your case, this process will be much faster and easier. Cats, as we already know, are territorial animals to which feeling that a certain place is theirs is very important. Now, this new space will have to be shared with the new family member, for this reason we recommend:


  • Bring items from the new cat

If we have the opportunity, it is good to exchange smells before introducing the new cat into the house.

If we can provide a blanket with the smell of the new cat and bring another to the new cat with the smell of the other so that they can “get to know” each other, it will make things much easier later.

If this is not possible, it can always be done once we have the cat at home.


  • Delimited spaces

When we introduce the new cat to the house it is good that it has its own space. Enabling a room with all his things where the cat feels safe is essential.

It is also very important for our cat that the new one do not invade his house from the first moment and he continues to have most of the space.


  • First time together

After a week apart, but with the possibility of smelling each other under the door or with these blankets, it is time for the introductions.

They should always be under our supervision and with the option of being able to leave if they need it. Wearing a harness or having the new cat in a carrier can make things easier.

It is normal for there to be snorts and bad faces at first, but this does not mean that they won’t get along. You have to be patient.

If you see that there may be a confrontation or fight, leave it for that day and try again the next day.

It is very important to respect their times, spaces and be patient. Monitor all their encounters until you see that there is no longer any risk.


In addition, if you think it is necessary, you can facilitate this process by buying feline pheromones that make cats more relaxed when facing changes or moments of stress such as this case.

If you follow all these tips you can enjoy a house in harmony.

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