Cat Litter


Contrary to what some might think, cats do have quite high standards in terms of their hygiene and can be quite finicky and fussy when it comes to their cat litter. If unhappy with the product used, your cat may simply decide for itself as to a more suitable place for taking care of its business. Hence, choosing the right cat litter and place to put the litter box are fundamental for your cat’s utmost comfort. Only when the surroundings are clean will cats feel comfortable and at ease in your home and will contentedly be affectionate in return.So, when we have a cat in our home, one of the most important decisions we have to make is choosing a good cat litter.

Please bear in mind that not all cat litters are right for all pets, nor do all households meet the same requirements for using one type of product or another. And, lastly, not everybody has the same habits when it comes to the care and upkeep of a litter box.


At Sepicat, we care about your pets’ health and hygiene and so have developed a wide range of cat litters. All our products pass the strictest quality control inspection checks and are the result of constant research and years of experience in the business.

From the most conventional products such as absorbent cat litter to the newest, most innovative products such as our range of lightweight clumping products, at Sepicat you will find the cat litter that best suits the preferences and needs of the most discerning pets and customers.

One thing we know for sure: Your cat will want Sepicat cat litter.

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