What to do if your cat is constipated

What to do if your cat is constipated

28 June, 2021

Constipation, together with feline cystitis, is one of the most common pathologies in medical consultations. Sometimes, for different reasons, an accumulation of feces can occur in the colon of cats causing difficulty and discomfort in the evacuation of feces. Cats, as well as the vast majority of pets, must defecate at least once a day. If you notice that your cat, on the contrary, has not defecated for several days, it is possible that your kitten is going through constipation.


Symptoms of constipation in felines

It is very important to be attentive to the routine of our cat to make sure that everything is within normality. There are different signs that can help you detect if your cat is constipated:

If your kitten goes to the litter box to defecate, it is long enough and it does not get it.
If he relieves himself out of the box.
If the state of his stools has changed and now they are small, hard and dry.
If we observe the presence of blood or mucus.
If you notice that he does not stop moving on himself due to abdominal pain.
If our kitten does not stop meowing and we notice him quite nervous and aggressive.
If we notice that his energy activity has decreased.
If you don’t eat the same amount of food each day
If you have lost weight
If you have neglected your coat


Why is your cat constipated

Constipation can be caused by various causes that can cause intestinal problems in felines.

Drink little water or are dehydrated
Your diet does not provide you with enough fiber.
Has accumulation of hairballs
Has ingested meat bones, a foreign object or body
You are overweight, sedentary, and do not exercise at all
You have pain in your back legs, hips, or lower back
Renal problems
Digestive problems
Intestinal obstructions

Another reason why our cat does not make the needs of him may be due to the psychological state. The overwhelm or stress can be caused by changes that may seem insignificant to us, but not to them, such as changes in the sand, changes in the location of the sandbox …


How can I treat constipation

IMPORTANT! Never try to give human drugs to an animal. Keep in mind that doses made for humans are not suitable for animals and can cause further damage or side effects that further complicate the situation.

If we have observed that the situation our kitten is in is not very serious, sometimes it is enough to change its diet. Give him a diet with more fiber, increase his water intake and give him malt, which has a natural laxative effect.

As soon as 3 days have passed and we have not noticed an improvement in his health, it is advisable to go to a veterinarian. The vet will have to investigate with X-rays and / or ultrasounds and depending on the test results, your cat may require medication or surgery.


Remember, being attentive to our kitten daily prevents any health problem from increasing and causing a greater problem in its state of health.

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