Cat litter specialists.

High performing cat litters and pet care solutions

SEPICAT is the range of cat litters and pet care products developed by MINERSA GROUP, one of the major mining companies worldwide engaging in the mining and sale of special clays: Sepiolite, Bentonite, Attapulgite and Hormite

Quality and innovation

In our efforts to exceed our clients´ expectations, we are constantly innovating and anticipating market needs, developing new products, formats and solutions.

Management based on responsibility and sustainability

We strive to make decisions that benefit both our customers and the environment, promoting social responsibility in every aspect of our operations.

Practice of sustainable mining

We are committed to preserving the environment which is why we practice sustainable mining by developing production methods and products that have the lowest possible environment impact.

Commitment to carbon footprint reduction

Through innovative practices and efficiency improvements, we work towards a greener future, lowering emissions and protecting the planet.

Because we care about your Sepicat

At Sepicat, we understand that your pet is part of your family. Cats have very high hygiene standards and only when their environment is clean do they feel comfortable, at ease in their home and are they affectionate towards their owners.

Animal Welfare

We are committed to ensuring the welfare of all cats, supporting animal protection initiatives, and promoting responsible pet care.

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Environmental Sustainability

Our products are designed with eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes to reduce our ecological footprint and promote a healthier planet for all.

Years of Experience
Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we deliver top-quality litters tailored to diverse market segments and preferences.
Happy Customers
Join 50 million happy customers who trust Sepicat for their cat care needs.

Part of the Minersa Group Clay Division

Sepicat is proudly part of the Minersa Group Clay Division, an nternational mining and chemical group renowned for its production of natural adsorbents, bleaching earths, industrial minerals and chemicals.

In each field, Minersa always aims at leading positions both in volumes as in global service and high-quality products. And all of it focused at providing greater value to the customer.

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