Reasons why we love cats

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The International Cat Day right around the corner, this coming February 20 and, since I can’t stop being a curious little animal, I wonder: Why do humans love cats so much?

My answer is obvious, of course. Because cats are unique animals. Even so, I know that you like to be recognised for the good things you have and, as there is nothing wrong with giving you some affection from time to time, I am going to do you a favour and tell you what I believe are the reasons why you love cats.


Curiosities about the origin of International Cat Day


Did you know that February 20th is our day in memory of Socks? Yes, that common cat that the Clinton family adopted while in the White House. Well, Socks began his ‘political’ and celebrity life in 1993, becoming even more famous than Garfield.

The news of his death, on 20 February 2009, was echoed everywhere and, since then, his friends have named February 20th a day of celebration and remembrance.

However, cats are so special that we are the only ones to have 3 international days. Yes, many of you celebrate International Cat Day on August 8th, and others do it on October 29th, while, the remainder, celebrate it on the 20th of this month. And what difference does it make if International Cat Day was established by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) or by Colleen Paige to promote our well-being or my friend Socks. The important thing is to celebrate!


Why do humans love cats so much?


Well, now that I have, sort of, clarified the origin of the International Cat Day, it’s time for me to give you the reasons why you love us so much.


1 We have a brain similar to yours


Unlike your beloved dogs, cat brains are quite similar to that of humans. We are so similar in some aspects we express and feel exactly like you. It’s normal that you feel close to us and love us so much.


2 We remind you of your babies


Many humans consider that kittens are the most beautiful animals in Nature. If we add that our nose and cranial shape remind you of the head of human babies, your instinct will make you protect and love us at all costs.


3 Our purr dazzles you


Cats are capable of emitting around 100 different sounds with the throat. Our purring in particular generates peace and serenity, you could say we are even better than camomile tea for calming your nerves.


4 You like our manners


As pets, cats are much calmer, neat and independent than dogs. We will never launch ourselves and slobber over you when you enter the house, but we will take advantage of the opportunity to rub shoulders with you in a show of affection and territoriality.

Also, you do not have to take us out for a walk several times a day. We know how to go to the bathroom, just like you! And don’t forget, we are able to clean up on our own and you rarely need to give us a bath.

As if this were not enough, we get rid of insects and small annoying little animals that can enter the house.


I could go on and on telling you about how great we are, but what if you are the ones who dare to tell me why you love your little kitty? Oh, by the way, Happy International Cat Day!


La main d'une famme et la patte d'un chat en faissant un cœur.

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