6 tricks for getting your cat to drink more water

Domestic cats are pets that tend to drink less water than they actually need. Whether due to the cat’s diet, age or lifestyle, sometimes it is necessary to encourage your cat to drink more water and achieve an adequate water balance.

One aspect to keep in mind with cats is that they are animals to whom it is not appealing at all to drink stagnant water from a drinking bowl. Over time, the water accumulates dirt and odours, which makes the cat to refuse to drink it if it does not find it completely clean.

Do you think your cat doesn’t drink enough water? Don’t worry, we have 6 tricks to get your cat to drink more water effectively. You’ll see how easy it is!

How much water does a cat need a day?

The amount of water a cat needs to drink each day varies according to many factors. The time of year, the size of the cat, its age, and especially its diet. While a cat that usually eats canned food on a daily basis does not need to drink too much water, a one that eats mainly dry food should have sufficient water in its diet.

In general, a healthy adult cat needs to drink around 250 mL of water a day for its kidneys and the rest of its vital organs to function properly.

Why doesn’t my cat drink water?

The main reason for your cat not drinking water is because it doesn’t have clean water that it enjoys. It is essential to clean your cat’s drinking bowl frequently and refill it with fresh water, or to provide a fountain with water that is renewed by passing through clean filters.

Another reason could be that is has a urinary tract disease, in which case it would be necessary to go to the veterinarian. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to ensure that the animal’s health is not seriously affected.

Tricks for getting your cat to drink more water

Want to get your cat to drink more water? Follow these tricks that work with all pets to make water more appealing:

  1. Use stainless steel, glass or ceramic water bowls. These are materials that keep water clean and fresh for longer.
  2. Clean the drinker and change the water at least once a day. You may notice that your cat drinks water as soon as you put fresh water out.
  3. Give your cat quality water that tastes good. Many cats don’t like the taste of tap water. In these cases, use bottled water.
  4. Place the drinker in a suitable place, away from the sandbox so that no dirt enters it, and away from its food to prevent it from getting wet.
  5. As well as the traditional drinker provide your cat with a water fountain. These fountains in which the water is always moving sparks your cat’s curiosity and encourages it to drink more water.
  6. Add a broth to your cat’s dry feed or give it canned food from time to time. This way you’ll also be supplying the amount of water it needs to drink by directly including it as part of the meal.

At Sepicat we care about the health of our pets, and we encourage you to try to get your cat to drink more water in order to avoid health problems that arise over time. There’s always a solution for your pet to drink the water they need every day!

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