How to feed your cat correctly throughout every stage of its life

Humans, we cats are sedentary and creatures of habit, hence we are prone to weight gain. It’s up to you to make it possible for us to maintain our ideal weight. Besides, you should know that our food-related needs change as we grow.

In those cases in which you have come by us when we are newborns or less than two months old, you should give us kitten milk replacement, which you can get at your veterinarian’s or prepare it yourself. You can find the recipe on the internet or, better yet, ask your veterinarian.

From the time we are weaned up to one year of age, you should cover our growth-related needs. The younger we are, the more changes are going on in our bodies, and so we must logically maintain certain levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals to grow correctly.

During this period, you must decide what kind of food you want us to have: dry or wet. Dry food, consisting mainly of meal, contains more carbohydrates than the wet food, which contains more fat, protein and water. Of course, you can choose to combine these two types of food in our diet.

Regardless of the kind of food you choose for us, remember to give us the amounts stated on the packages. If you left it up to us, we’d be eating all the time and, humans, that’s not good for us. Choose the dry or wet food according to our age, bearing in mind that once we have been weaned, milk does not set at all well with us. Never give us milk when we’re more than two months old!

After our first birthday, you should keep us on a maintenance diet. This diet must be lighter than when we were little kittens and must help us maintain our ideal weight. Look for a quality dry or wet food according to our age and allow us to eat the amounts stated on the packages.

On reaching old age, that is to say when we are past age seven, our calorie intake must be much less so as to continue maintaining a healthy diet and weight in keeping with our breed. You will also find food for this time in our lives on the market.

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