The funniest kitty-cats on the internet

Over the last few months, we’ve talked a lot about cats, the care they need, how to best educate them, the most appropriate products or cat litters… but what is it that you most like about us cats? How adorable, loving, fun, cute and elegant we are; )  so  I’ve decided to turn this post into a recap of the funniest kitty-cats on the internet, so that you’ll have a good time enjoying yourselves and laughing with us.

The funniest cats on the internet: You’re going to have a hard time not laughing out loud at this video, where you’ll find some of the funniest situations we’ve gotten ourselves into of late.

The lovingest cats on the internet: I’ve said it many a time. We cats are very loving and love to be givers of TLC. But in case you don’t believe me, here’s a video showing what I mean.

Cats and dogs get along fine: As you know, we cats and dogs don’t always get along as badly with one another as it might seem, and we can even actually become friends. The truth be said though, sometimes we really find it hard to put up with them…

Water-loving cats: Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, what could be better than a refreshing video of cats having fun in the water. Just a bit of advice: Don’t try to do this at home with your own cat… Your cat just may not find it as much to its liking as the ones you’re going to see in this video 😉

The sweetest moments of mama cats with baby kittens: No matter what species, there’s nothing like a mother’s love! And as you’ll see in this video with which I’m not winding up this post, these kittens sure are lucky to have such good, caring mothers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. It’s always good to spend a while enjoying the best moments cats give us ;). And in case I haven’t mentioned this to you before, watching cat videos is good for your health. See you next week! J

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