Grooming and beauty tips for your cat

Cats are naturally clean, they love to always be presentable and this is why proper tidiness is so important to them. In spite of this, we as owners have the responsibility to help them to always be clean and comfortable. 

Being aware of their cleaning and grooming will allow you to build a closer and more loving relationship with your feline. This goes beyond their looks, since it will give you the opportunity to be aware of their overall health. 

Being hygienic with our pets may seem hard, but take it easy, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. If you want to learn some tips to properly groom your cat, continue reading.

Cat grooming tips

Hair brushing

Cat’s love when you brush their hair. If your cat has short hair, it will only be necessary for you to lightly brush it once a week. But, if your cat has long hair, the brushing will have to be done daily. It will need to be with a lot of care and you will need to make sure that you are fully removing hair that your cat doesn’t need. Ask your veterinarian which are the best accessories  for your cat so this procedure can be done according to your pet’s individual characteristics. 

Claw trimming

Cats are predators by nature, it is necessary to care and trim their claws properly to avoid any issues. This is completely harmless and won’t cause any pain, although, if you don’t do this often, it is normal that your cat will be scared since most likely are not used to their paws being held. Maintaining a proper claw length will also prevent them leaving marks when they scratch us. 

Teeth brushing

It is important that you really consider this, oral health is essential to your cat. Visit your veterinarian to do a general revision and ask for him or her to explain how to properly brush your cat’s teeth

Remember that it will be easier to integrate this process into your cat’s life if you start when they are young. If your cat doesn’t let you brush its teeth, you can use other alternatives such as giving them snacks that support oral health. 

Clean eyes and ears

Constantly cleaning the eyes is very important because it will help prevent health issues such as conjunctivitis and glaucoma. The ears should also be kept clean. For these you will need a wet sterile gauze for it to be easier to remove stored dirt.

Bath time

Once in a while it is good for you to give your cat a bath. Your pet may not be a fan of the water, but it will be necessary to give them a proper bath for health reasons. Remember that there are many types of cats and hair, which you will need to choose the shampoo that better suits your cat’s needs. 

We hope that these tips will help you create a closer bond to your cat, and also help you properly take care of it. Frequently do these actions so your cats gets used to them and actually enjoys when you do them. 

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