International Cat Day, why do we celebrate it?

Us cats are the only animals which have 3 internationally renowned days. February 20, October 29 and also during this month, particularly August 8, day which was acknowledged by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) as the date which celebrates the close relationship we have with our human families.

The purpose of International Cat Day is to increase awareness all over the world regarding how important it is to correctly care for their feline pets. As cats we also have our rights as living beings and we all deserve respect and the adequate care to ensure our wellbeing.

Would you also like to celebrate this day with your cat? I’m certain you have many reasons to do so! Today we are going to tell you why International Cat Day is celebrated on August 8 so you know how to care for your pet.

Why is International Cat Day celebrated?

The month of August is the cat fertility month. This is the time of the year in which young cats have the highest probability of having offspring’s and this is why it is so important to raise awareness among their guardians that cats need to be healthy and live well.

August 8 is the day in which Europe celebrates the existence of felines as pets. This task begun in 2002 in order to ensure that all guardians of pets know the necessary guidelines to control the birth rate, thus preventing cats from ending in the street or shelters.

Cats are not wild animals so we cannot easily survive in the street. Our evolution during the past years have turned us into animals that, even though more independent than other pets, also need affection and care from the humans who decide to become our family.

If you also have one or more cats at home, celebrate the International Cat day with them, obtaining all information regarding their care to ensure their wellbeing. Because a healthy and happy cat, provides a lot of joy to any home. Not only one or three days a year, but at all times.

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