Keep up your cat’s dental hygiene

We cats have a tendency to form plaque and tartar on our teeth, hence the importance of your helping us to keep our oral hygiene perfect and up to date. The fact of tartar building up all over our teeth is very bothersome, but not only for us, since you will be affected by our bad breath, toothaches, loose teeth, inflammations…, and I could go on and on, but best remedy the situation before going on about more unpleasant possibilities.

Just like you humans, we need to keep our oral hygiene in perfect condition to keep our teeth healthy. For this purpose, we need for you to brush our teeth regularly, and so we won’t get on the defensive, you’d best get us used to it from the time we are very small. Your trusted veterinarian will be able to explain to you in detail how to brush our death the best way. Not to worry, it’s not all that complicated.

Toothbrushing should be done at least a couple of times a week with  toothpaste and a toothbrush or glove suitable for cats. If, for whatever reasons, you can’t brush our teeth routinely, you can always opt for special kitty dental care products, such as chewable tablets, powders to mix into our meals, sprays, etc.

In the event of not keeping up this oral hygiene routine, tartar will build up on our little toothies,  causing bad breath, gum inflammation (gingivitis) and even diabetes and tooth loss. If you find that your cat is having a bad time of it for these reasons, take your cat to the veterinarian straight away for the vet to give our teeth a thorough cleaning under anesthesia.

You should know that all of us cats will unfortunately have some dental problem at some point in time, but if you pick up on it soon,  everything will turn out all right in the end and hence avoid any more major problems. The most common symptoms of our teeth are bad breath, gum inflammation and bleeding gums, tartar buildup which will turn our teeth yellow or brown and excessive saliva. In the most severe cases, we’ll lose weight due to losing our appetite, but, like I said before, pay us a little attention and you’ll be able to put a stop to the problem in no time.

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