How long is the pregnancy of a cat?

Like pregnancy in other animals, the pregnancy of a cat can have a variable duration that depends on the age of the cat, the number of kittens that your cat is going to give birth to, and the physical and health conditions of the future mother.

The duration of pregnancy of a cat is between 58 and 66 days approximately, although it is very complicated to know the exact time of conception, since the pregnancy symptoms do not become evident until a few weeks later.

Once the ovum has been fertilised, it will be divided a certain number of times, to give rise to the embryos that will form the kittens. Each of the foetuses are protected by an individual placenta, thus ensuring the growth and survival of each embryo. For this reason, it is normal that a kitten is always born from the pregnancy of a cat.

How to tell if your kitty is pregnant

It is hard to notice if your kitty is pregnant in the beginning, as there are few physical changes. The first symptoms of pregnancy will be those corresponding to behaviour changes, becoming more affectionate than normal.

A pregnant cat tends to seek the company of humans more often, approaching frequently to ask for pampering, and always sleeping close to their families to feel more secure and protected.

It is also possible that the opposite happens, and your kitty may become more unruly and need to spend more time alone. There are animals that look for quiet places where they can rest without being bothered by anyone.

After a few weeks you may notice that the cat’s nipples swell and even change colour, taking on a darker shade. Little by little you will also notice that your kitty’s belly will get bigger, the pregnancy becoming more obvious with a round and bulging tummy.

What happens when your kitty gives birth?

When your kitty is about to give both she may become very nervous, increasing her activity and meowing loudly. Delivery usually lasts between a few minutes and a couple of hours from when contractions begin.

It will be the mother herself who takes care of the kittens instinctively as soon as they are born. She will break the placenta of each kitten, cleaning them and providing the breastfeeding and love they need.

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