The most interesting breeds of small cats

The evolution of cats for companionship over the years has led to the emergence of new breeds with very peculiar physical characteristics. Large cats are perhaps the most noticeable at first glance, but in homes where space is at a premium, small cat breeds may be better suited to providing the animals with plenty of room to move around.

Do you know which types of smaller cats are ideal to keep as pets? We’ve put together a list of some of the most unusual cat breeds, which are small and slender, and have other characteristics that will surprise you. Discover them!

Small cat breeds

Munchkin Cat

This little feline from the United States has such an adorable appearance. With an average weight of 4 kg in males, and 2 to 3 kg in females, it is one of the best-known small cats in the world.

The short stature of this pet comes from a genetic mutation that occurred naturally in the 80s. The descendants of this first cat have managed to perpetuate the species, giving rise to the miniature cat we know today.

With short hair and an elongated body, some people compare the Munchkin breed with the Dachshund breed, because of its short legs and its dachshund-like appearance.

Scottish Fold Cat

Also coming from a genetic mutation, this time in Scottish lands, hence the name of the breed, it is one of the most characteristic small cat breeds thanks to its ears which bend forward.

This beautiful little cat comes from the crossing of a cat called Suzie with a British Shorthair. The mutation of the cat as the dominant gene resulted in the 1960s in new kittens even smaller than the original breed, with folded ears.

These cats usually weigh between 3 and 5 kg at most, with a very small build as they have a rounded body but very short legs and tail.

Abyssinian Cat

A rather slimmer cat is the Abyssinian, descendant of the wild cats of Southeast Asia where its name comes from. It is a breed that dates from the beginning of the 20th century, which was on the verge of extinction before its recovery just a decade ago.

This cat has a large body, with a very thin torso, long neck and legs, and only weighs 4 kg on average. Although it is a cat of normal length, it is its weight that places it among the smaller cat breeds.

With a very happy and active personality, it is a pleasure to spend time with one of these kittens that never gets tired of playing.

Japanese Bobtail Cat

Famous on social media and the protagonists of the most entertaining videos circulating on the Internet, the bobtail is the most widespread Japanese breed worldwide. Due to it being a small cat, with a good character and great health, it is perfect as a pet.

The most characteristic feature of this cat, besides its small size, is the short tail it has. Ending in the shape of a pompom, it is sometimes compared to a rabbit’s tail, although it can be different in each cat depending on the type of cross it has.

The bobtail is a cat that loves to have company, ideal to live with children and other pets, very playful and chatty, with a singing meow that will make you melt.

At Sepicat we are huge fans of small cat breeds and can’t choose just one as our favourite. Do you know any other small breeds? Which is your favourite?

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