What to do with your cat during holidays?

What to do with your cat during holidays?

Cat in holidays in a suitcase

Holiday season is approaching, that time of year when humans spend extended periods of time outside the home and they ask themselves what to do with their pets while they are away. Leaving your cat at home, asking someone to look after her, or even taking your cat with you on your trip; there are many convenient options for you to choose.

If you are still not sure what you are going to do, let’s look at the advantages and the steps for caring for a cat that must be taken into account in each scenario so you can make a choice based on your cat’s personality and your situation. You are sure to find the best solution that allows you to enjoy your holiday and see that your cat is cared for at all times!

Leaving your cat home alone

Some cats are very territorial and we do not like to leave our home. We do not handle change well, so it is best we are left at home when you go on holiday. We are not going to be angry about this situation because for us, spending a few days alone is a minor problem compared to the stress we can be under when taken outside our home.

If you will be away for a few days, you just need to make sure you leave your cat everything she needs. Also, ask a family member or friend to swing by and have a look at least once a day to be sure she has food, water and that everything is okay.

Cat sitter

If you are going to be away for a long period of time, but you do not want to take your cat away from her home and you can’t find anyone to stop by every day, there is always the option of hiring a cat sitter to go and visit her.

Pet sitting services can be found in more and more cities and towns. These are certified, trustworthy individuals who stop by once a day to check that your pet is okay, give her food, clean her litter box and even spend a few minutes playing with her and giving her some affection.

Find a person or company with good references that assures you that they will take proper care of your cat during you rip.

Cat boarding

If your cat does not usually have problems with leaving the house and getting along with other animals, taking her to a pet hotel near your home will ensure that your cat is never alone and constantly cared for.

Choose a hotel that does not keep pets in their cages the entire time. Cats need a space where we can move around freely, where we can relax and also spaces where we can interact with other animals if we feel like it. But only use this type of service if you are sure your cat will not have a bad time in the hotel, because this could be very stressful for her.

Taking your cat on holiday

For long holidays, if you are going to a pet-friendly place, don’t hesitate to take your cat with you. Some cats like to visit new places once in a while!

Be sure your cat travels comfortably and will have everything she needs to feel at home in the holiday lodging. It is very important to keep in mind the care your cat needs to feel at ease in the new lodging and so she is not stressed by the change.

And you? What are you going to do with your cat during your holidays? Have you decided yet?

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