Why cats don’t like water?

Surely you ever noticed that cats stay away from water, this is due to instinct, the evolution of felines (although they do not like water, they have a great ability to swim) and above all because most domestic cats They come from the African wild cat, which lives in desert areas where there is no large amount of water and even the big cats of Europe and Africa, avoided wet areas to avoid having to deal with predators and crocodiles.

Cats can be kept perfectly clean without the need for regular baths. In their daily routine, they usually dedicate almost 3 and a half hours each day to cleaning tasks.

It is not highly recommended to bathe them except in special cases since it can dry out their skin and even the essential pheromones are eliminated for it to communicate with other felines.

A cat is constantly grooming itself to stay clean, its rough tongue cleans dirt and its saliva reduces fat, in addition the cat’s hair acts as an insulator to maintain body heat, but when wet it loses its function and the cat cools , increases your weight and can make it difficult for the cat to move, therefore the sensation of being wet can be unpleasant for any cat.

Also, wet hair adds weight and can make it difficult for the cat to move when walking. For the contact, fear and bad experiences of getting wet to improve, it is essential that they are carried out in a pleasant way and successively.

Despite this, not everything is bad since water also causes them curiosity and it is possible that it is taken as a game, for example, the moment of drinking water or using the trough as a means of fun throwing it and playing, too many can arrive to accept it calmly on other occasions if they get used to it, although if it has bad reactions, you must bear in mind that this type of behavior is part of the natural behavior of felines.

Tips for your cat to get used to the water:

  1. From a young age it is good for them to interact and be in contact with the water little by little, they will get used to it and they will lose their fear, if your cat is an adult, do not despair, the process will be the same, but it will take more time and patience.
  2. In the first contacts, use a damp cloth, always with hot water, since cats like heat and it will give them confidence.
  3. Forcing the cat into a bathtub full of water can be scary and reduces the chance that it will enjoy or tolerate a bath.
  4. So that it does not react negatively, avoid stressing the cat by looking for quiet places without noise.
  5. It is not advisable to punish them with water (spray and hoses) as a lesson for something they do wrong as they will associate it with a bad experience.

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