Why do cats sleep so much?

Sleeping is one of the best pleasures in life. How many times have we wanted to sleep equal to or more than a cat? If you live with a small feline you will observe that most of the time he spends it sleeping. Have we ever wondered if it is normal for our cat to sleep so many hours and why … Well, there is no need to worry. Cats are one of the best sleepers in the world.

How many hours do cats sleep a day?

It is scientifically proven that adult cats sleep less than baby kittens. 70% of the day is spent sleeping. An adult cat can sleep between 12 and 16 hours, and while the baby kitten sleeps more than 20 hours a day.
As cats grow and age, their hours of sleep and rest increase. Their body uses energy more easily and they become less agile.
There are also some factors that can cause kitten sleep in kittens.

Factors that encourage cats to sleep

• FELINE INSTINCT: One of the main factors that encourage cats to sleep is their great feline instinct. When they run to hunt a small rodent, they release a lot of adrenaline and the so-called caloric burnout occurs. Thus producing a great loss of energy.

And you may wonder … If my cat is domestic and does not have the possibility to hunt, why does he keep sleeping a lot? All cats are domestic or not, their nature instinct does not lose it. They carry a sleep cycle similar to what they would have if they lived in the wild.

• STATE OF ZEAL: When kittens are in heat they spend all their time marking territory and looking for females to mate with, tending to sleep less.
• TEMPERATURE: When the colder temperatures arrive, cats tend to sleep more in order to keep warm and save energy. In the heat, cats go to sleep in the sun to regulate their body temperature.
• BORING: Cats are often bored or can’t find anything to entertain themselves, when they see themselves without activity, they decide to continue sleeping.
• SLEEP FOR SLEEP: By nature cats are used to sleeping many hours a day.


We believe that cats are sleeping all the time, but it is not true. They are always alert and go into vigilant mode whenever they hear something. His sleep is made up of short naps of a few minutes. While they are sleeping they maintain their brain activity, something similar to the way humans sleep.
TIP: when our cat is sleeping, avoid waking him up abruptly as they can have an immediate instinctive reaction and can be very annoying.


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