What dreaming about cats mean

What dreaming about cats mean

16 January, 2020

Whether you have cats as pets or not, there are times when they may make an appearance in your dreams, loaded with a symbolism that you are not always able to identify. Cat dreams can have different meanings, especially when it is an unknown animal, which can vary in colour or behaviour.

Do you often dream about cats? These dreams are more common than you might think, and today we’re revealing the meaning of the most frequent ones. Pay attention to your dreams every night, because below we reveal what your subconscious wants to tell you when a cat appears in your dreams.

What do dreams about a black cat mean?

A black cat is a symbol of bad luck in many cultures, and although this is not true, the colour of the animal is a message that many of us have engraved in our subconscious.

When you dream about black cats it is because there is a fear or a regret that grips you. Are you having anxiety? This black cat can be a sign that something is bothering you a lot, although it doesn’t have to be something bad. Take it as an invitation to reflect on and release that concern that doesn’t let you rest.

What dreams about white cats mean

According to experts in dream analysis, white cats mean hope or desire. When you meet a white cat that is affectionate towards you, it’s a sign of enjoyment and hope.

If the cat runs away from you and you run to catch it, it’s a dream you want to achieve but you’re struggling to do so. But when the white cat attacks you when you want to catch it or touch it, it is because you are having a hard time achieving something and you don’t want to stop fighting.

What do dreams about kittens mean?

Dreaming about kittens is a symbol of protection and tenderness. These little animals are often associated with someone you love and care about, such as your children or young children in the family.

Dreams involving kittens are usually positive. If you relate to them, it’s because they’re a metaphor for your current situation. Going from being a kitten that grows up to be independent is a very important step that shows a struggle you’re having.

What does a dream of a cat attacking me mean?

Cats that attack in a dream are a symbol of fear of someone or something. Dreaming of aggressive cats is quite common for people who are going through a disagreement with a loved one.

The end of the dream is also very important. Who ends up winning the battle, the cat or you? How you deal with this attack in your dream is key to overcoming the obstacle that is troubling your mind.

What does a dream about a cat dying mean?

Dreaming about a dead cat can have very different meanings. If it was you who killed the cat in the dream when it was attacking you, it is a sign of how you have managed to overcome your fears.

Dreaming about dead cats that you did not kill means you feel a lack of independence and self-confidence. When the cat has drowned, this feeling is even worse, suffocation and a lot of anguish.

Do dead cats and living cats appear in your dream? Maybe it’s an inner struggle you’re going through, or a conflict you’re afraid to face and that worries you a lot. If there is blood in the dream, it is because you are afraid of losing something that is very important to you, such as a family member or loved one.

There are times when your own pet may appear in your dream, and other dreams where you can’t recognize the cats that appear. At Sepicat, we are cat lovers and we often dream about them, although there are times when these cats can have a more hidden meaning than what meets the eye.


  1. Moumita Mondal says:

    What is the meaning when a white cat hug me in my dream???

  2. Cecilia Redlightning says:

    I dreamed my late kitty was an alley cat and I couldn’t catch her. Then she hobbled up to me with a big swollen leg!

  3. Martina says:

    I had a dream that in this cage, were these tiny little kittens. I petted them softly and then realised that the mother was growling in the shadows behind. The mother cat then lept up to attack me, but only its arms made it through, leaving me unharmed. The kittens were a whitish grey colour, and i think the mother went from black in the shadows to grey in the light. Im uncertain if i got attacked or not though.

  4. Stephanie Newell says:

    Thank You, glad I found your website

  5. Desmond Ray says:

    I dream about me having a white cat and a ugly black cat attacks the white one every time but it will not do anything to me what does it mean?

  6. Wambu says:

    Hae,,I dreamt I was with my friends bt the cat come from nowhere and jumped on my back I told one of my friends to remove it bt she didn’t the cat was grey in color. I strained to remove it bt finally I did it. I removed the cat from my back n the cat bent its head the cat was shy to look at me.its like the cat didn’t have any strength left

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