10 benefits of adopting a cat

Adopting a cat is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Providing a new home to an animal will change your life forever and it will bring new love and company to your family. 

In addition to this, there are various reasons, some of them backed by science, why owning a cat is beneficial for a person. Keep on reading and find out 10 benefits of adopting a cat. 

  1. Providing a new home
  2. Clean and independent pets 
  3. Stress reduction
  4. Immune system strengthening 
  5. Plague control
  6. Cardiovascular health 
  7. Help children with autism 
  8. Healing purr 
  9. Emotional support
  10. Loyal partner 

Providing a new home

Adopting a cat means you’re giving it a new opportunity, a home in which it will be cared for and protected. The satisfaction of changing an animal’s life is a feeling like no other. 

Clean and independent 

Cats are the cleanest pets you can own. A fourth of their time spent awake is solely dedicated to their personal hygiene. They clean with their tongue, licking themselves over and over again. 

It’s much easier to litter train cats than any other domestic animal. Unlike dogs, cats have a natural instinct to use their litter, which is very beneficial for any owner. 

Stress reduction

According to Scientific American Magazine, cats help humans reduce stress levels. They produce vibrations that go from 20 to 140 hertz, frequency that is proven to promote relaxation. Also, petting a cat helps reduce cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. 

Immune system strengthening 

Cats can bring multiple benefits to children, especially growing up together. One of the most important is the strengthening of their immune system, particularly when it comes to respiratory issues. Studies have shown that kids that are regularly exposed to pets are less likely to develop respiratory allergies as adults.  

Plague control

Cats, being carnivore mammals, have a strong hunt instinct. This is why their presence in your house will scare off any rodents, since they will not want to share space with one of their predators.  

If any mouse or rat wishes to venture into your home, be sure that your cat will put into practice its instinct and will easily get rid of this unwanted guest. 

Cardiovascular health 

According to a study made by the American Stroke Association, in which 4,435 people between the ages of 30 and 75 were analyzed, having a cat as a pet at any point in life considerably reduces the possibility of death by a stroke. 

The results showed that people that have never owned a cat have 30% greater risk of death by any cardiovascular disease. 

Help children with autism 

Children with autism can highly benefit from living with a cat, since they can help improve their socialization skills. They can teach very valuable lessons such as empathy and compassion. 

The presence of a cat makes children with autism feel less anxious in social situations and also helps them generate conexions.  

Healing purr 

We know a cat’s purr, which has been interpreted only as a communication mechanism within the species. But, studies have shown that it does way more than that.  

According to a study made by the University of California, purring is a self healing tool. Its vibration improves the state and recovery of bones, tendons and muscles.  

If that wasn’t enough, this fascinating feature can benefit humans too. It is believed that the healing vibrations can have the same effect on people. 

Emotional support

Cats can help improve mental health issues and are even used as therapy animals in schools and hospitals. They have the ability of calming people and are very affectionate, which helps a lot with patients with depression. 

Loyal partner 

Having a cat means having a partner that will always be by your side, no matter what. Adopting will bring a friend into your life to share incredible moments with. 

Now that you know 10 benefits of adopting a cat, we invite you to share in the comments how your life has changed since you adopted one. Share this article with your family and friends, so that they also get inspired and provide a home to a kitten.

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