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Differences between Cat grass and Malt Paste

Surely you have ever seen your cat eating plants and leaves. Do not panic! This is completely normal, as cats that live in the country often eat grass to purge themselves and cause vomiting. So, if you want to help your cat in this regard, a good idea may be to place Cat Grass at home so that your feline can use it when he needs it.

You might think they are the same, but Cat Grass and Malt are two products with some differences. We tell you the differences in detail so that you know which is the best option for your cat and make no mistake when buying it.


Cat grass

It is a plant with great benefits for the digestive system of cats. Cat grass is easily confused with Catnip. Enter our blog about its differences!

In general, cats turn to herbs to relieve their stomach pain, fortunately the cat grass can help in order to prevent serious problems, especially it helps to eliminate hairballs that have been swallowed, since it causes vomiting. It also provides them with very useful gastrointestinal benefits. You can get it in different ways: in seeds to plant or in a plant that has already grown.



  • Improves digestion and prevents hairballs.
  • It is a natural laxative.
  • Increases folic acid in the diet and is a good supplement.
  • Helps your kitten to maintain its weight.


Malt Paste

Like Cat Grass, it is a useful and natural product that can help improve your cat’s digestion, as well as its intestinal tract. It is usually a paste of yellowish or cream color, it is mainly composed of: malt cereal, oils, vegetable fats, fiber, dairy products and yeasts.

Although the most common way you can find it is in a tube, it can also be found in other presentations:

  • Stuffed feed squares
  • Snacks
  • Or with special flavors


How do I feed my cat malt?

Your kitty will not like an excess amount, so remember to put a small amount of malt on a paw or in the corner of the cat’s mouth to lick it. You can also try mixing it with their food, but due to the malt’s texture it may not be the most appropriate way.

It doesn’t taste bad so your kitty will love it.

Important! Since cats are cleaning themselves on a daily basis and they remove some of the hair during this process, there is the possibility that complications arise if their hair intake is very large. For this reason, although malt for cats can solve some discomforts, let’s not forget to brush them continuously (3-4 times a week) to remove dead hair, dirt and even dust.



  • Helps felines break down hairballs that may form in the digestive tract
  • Helps to eliminate this excess hair
  • Has a laxative effect
  • Helps mild constipation


Difference between cat grass and malt

As we have seen, the purpose of both products is the same, help kittens during their digestion and eliminate hairballs, but the fundamental difference of both products is:

  • The Cat Grass that helps to purge. The normal thing is that after ingesting it, they vomit both the herb and possible hairballs.
  • The malt softens the stool and thus helps to eliminate possible hairballs.

To sum up, both products are good and you should always be guided by the veterinarian’s recommendations and choose the best product for your cat and family. If your cat has become “obsessed” with a plant that is not very beneficial for him, it may be good to get cat grass that will make him eat grass but good for his health.


We hope that this blog has been interesting for you, do not hesitate to leave us your questions or visit more articles on our blog.

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