Differences between cat grass and Catnip

Surely you have experienced that your cat eats house plants or if he has the option of going outside, that he eats grass. Why do cats eat grass? Cats use grass to improve their digestions.

If you want to know the uses of cat grass and its benefits, we have a blog where we explain what uses it has and how we can help our cat in this regard.

In this article, we are going to focus on the differences between catnip and cat grass.


Differences between catnip and cat grass

Although it is very common that people do not know the difference between both products, the truth is that their purposes are so different.

What is cat grass?

Cat grass can be many different types of plants or herbs and is not a specific species. This herb is mainly used to improve your cat’s digestion and avoid hairballs.

What is Catnip?

Catnip is a specific type of herb that has a minty smell that is really appealing to cats. Although it is attractive, it does not mean that it is good for your cat hairballs, what the Catnip will do is stimulate your cat.

Not all cats are affected in the same way. Some cats are activated by the presence of Catnip, so it is ideal for cats that need to do extra exercise or promote their activity.

For others, the Catnip relaxes them a lot which makes it perfect when we know that they are going to experience stressful moments such as a move or visits of unknown people.

Some cats have no effect at all, but most enjoy the presence of this product.

Is it advisable to have cat grass at home?

Knowing the benefits that it can give to cats, it is recommended that we have it at home if the cat does not have the option of going outside. There are products on the market to be able to plant it at home and in addition, it will help them to get away from the plants that we want to keep safe.

What other product is good for hairballs besides cat grass?

Another product that has this function is malt for cats whose benefits we will explain in a blog that will be published soon.

Do not miss it! Although we have already given you some tips on our social networks.

We hope that this blog has been interesting for you, do not hesitate to leave us your questions or visit more articles on our blog.

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