Discover all the Sepicat absorbent cat litters’ great qualities

So far, every time I’ve talked to you about any of the Sepicat cat litters, I have always been talking about the lightweight clumping cat litters. By now, you must have tried them and your cats are very glad you have, but the time is always good for discovering the great qualities of the Sepicat absorbent cat litters.

If you’re one of those humans who like the convenience of a simple, hassle-free product also requiring no complicated maintenance, the Sepicat absorbent cat litters are ideally designed to meet your needs as well as those of your cats.

These are 100% natural, lightweight, economical, absorbent cat litters that have absorbing (non-clumping) capabilities that will amaze you. Any of these cat litters has the ability to absorb considerable amounts of urine, thus helping to prevent bad odors from forming.

The Sepicat absorbent cat litter product range is wide and varied. You’ll find the classic unscented, additive-free absorbent cat litters and products most effectively combining the capabilities inherent to absorbent cat litters with pleasant fragrances and powerful bacteria-killing agents, thus providing topnotch control over bad odors forming.


Sepicat absorbent cat litter characteristics:

Sepicat Supreme 2in1

  1. Ultra Absorbent Cat Litter, providing over 200% absorption
  2. Immediately gets rid of odor
  3. Gives off a pleasant talcum powder fragrance when moistened
  4. Has a powerful bacteria-killing agent prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  5. 12-liter format


Sepicat Classic 2in1

  1. High-absorbability cat litter
  2. Gets rid of odors fast
  3. Gives off a pleasant floral scent when moistened
  4. Contains high-powered bacteria-killing agent which, besides preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria, lengthens the life and enhances the properties of this cat litter.
  5. Available in 8-liter and 16-liter formats


Sepicat Classic

  1. Cat litter providing tremendous absorbability
  2. Fast-acting odor control
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