How to give a pill to my cat

Take note of these methods, so you can effectively administer medication to your cat.

When the issue is to give a pill to your cat, any trick is good so that he/she ends up taking it. However, cats are very suspicious animals, and although there are some who are very docile and take their medications without complaining, others resist much more.

For these latter, there are some tricks to give a pill that can be very useful. As the most normal thing is that they do not take it on their own, you can implement these two very useful techniques.

Mix medications with food

The simplest way to give a pill to a cat is to mix it with food. If it is a drug that does not have any odor, you can simply crush it to powder and your cat will take it mixed with his/her wet food without realising it.

However, if your feline could realise that the food has been adulterated with some medication, it is better to introduce the whole pill inside his/her favourite treat. You can prepare several bites of his/her favourite food, and offer them one by one. The pill will be hidden in one of them, and your cat will not even notice when he/she swallows it.


Put the pill directly in their mouth

Eventually, the technique of tricking a cat by mixing the pill with food may stop working. For those who do not trust even the delicious treats, we must act more forcefully, putting the pill directly in their mouth.

Grab your pet when he/she is calm to give him/her the pill. With the pill in your left hand, use your right hand to open their mouth by pressing a finger on each side. When their mouth is open, it is time to insert the pill by gently pushing it towards their throat.

You can end up reassuring your cat with a throat massage, which will allow them to swallow the pill more easily. Check that they have not expelled it, and offer them a treat as a reward, or play with them to distract them.

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