How to prevent the cat from throwing the cat litter outside the litter box?

Does your cat throw litter outside the litter box? If you want to discover some of the reasons why your cat can get litter out of the box, in this article we explain some of the most common.

Surely you know that feeling of having your cat’s litter scattered on the ground around the litter box, well, this behavior of cats is not something that they do on purpose as one of their mischief. We are going to teach you how to prevent your cat from throwing the litter out of the box by understanding the reasons why it happens.

Size does matter

What do we mean by this? Many times, it is taken for granted that you must have a litter box for your cats, but the characteristics that the litter box should have are not taken into account.

It is the cat’s bathroom, for this reason, they must feel comfortable and have enough space to relieve themselves, turn comfortably and maneuver inside the litter box.

Your cat’s litter box must be suitable for the size of the cat and, in the case of closed litter boxes, be height enough.

In addition, it is important that the tray is also high so that it can contain enough litter without throwing it outside when the cat moves.

Do you need help choosing the perfect litter box? Check out our blogs about the advantages and disadvantages of closed and open litter boxes or how much I should fill the litter box.


Cleaning habits

Cats are very clean animals and they give great importance to their personal hygiene and also to the room in which they are.

To prevent your cat from throwing litter out of the litter box simply by making a hole or looking for a cleaner space, we recommend that you keep the cat litter clean and with a good smell.

If within your usual routine you do not always find time to clean your cat’s litter box on a daily basis, we recommend our LightWeight range that lasts with good smell and clean much longer. In addition, as it is a litter with a high absorption and clumping power cleaning the excrement is much faster and easier.

Type of cat litter

As we said before, it is not simply to keep the litter box clean and have enough space, but the litter that is used also has a lot of relevance.

You must take into account the characteristics of your cat and the type of fur in order to choose the most suitable litter. If you are still not sure, we advise you to check out our Litter Selector.


Overfilling the litter box

Follow the Sepicat litter package recommendations to see how much you should fill the litter box. If you overfill it, when the cat goes to bury its needs, it may accidentally throw litter out of the litter box.

These are some of the reasons why your cat may throw litter out of the box. If you see that even understanding some of the reasons, you still have a lot of litter outside the litter box, we recommend that you put a special mat under it.

There is a type of rugs with holes where the litter that falls outside enters and remains inside, so its collection and cleaning are much easier.

We hope you found this article about how to prevent the cat from throwing litter out of the litterbox interesting. If you want more information, tips and curiosities, do not hesitate to visit our blog.



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