The Weirdest Cat Breeds

The International Feline Federation currently recognizes 48 official cat breeds, and even though every single kitty in the world is unique, there are certain breeds whose peculiar characteristics make them noticeably different from the rest. Keep on reading and discover the world’s weirdest cat breeds,

  1. Savannah Cat
  2. Cornish Rex
  3. Elf Cat 
  4. Selkirk Rex 
  5. Peterbald 
  6. Laperm
  7. American Curl 
  8. Kao Manee
  9. Scottish Fold 
  10. Ukrainian Levkoy 

Savannah Cat 

This little fella could look like a wild and exotic feline, but in reality it is a completely domestic cat. Its unique physique is given by its  long and lean figure that gives it a very elegant and sophisticated look. Savannah cats are a very recent breed, the first specimen appeared in 1986, result of a mixture between a regular cat and a wild serval. Still in the settling stage, it is very hard to get your hands on a Savannah kitten, especially outside of the United States. 

Cornish Rex 

The Cornish Rex is unlike any other breed because of its soft and wavy fur. Its long and lean bone structure contrasts perfectly with its small head and big ears. It is a very smart and extremely active cat that seeks attention 24/7. 

Elf Cat 

Its lack of fur could confuse them with a Don Esfinx (egyptian) cat, but some small variations make the Elf Cat even more unique. Their huge and pointy ears are curved, giving an elf-like appearance, which of course inspired the name. The elf cat is also a very new breed, product of the mixture of an Esfinx and an American Curl. There are very few breeders of this sort, which will make finding one a very challenging task.  

Selkirk Rex

This breed has been named “sheep cat” due to the incredible volume and texture of its fur, the result of a genetic mutation. Its personality is very similar to its appearance, cute and playful. They are amazing companions, and ideal for families with young children or older adults. 


The Peterbald is another one of the few hairless breeds. This Russian cat was born from the idea of a breeder that wanted a hairless cat with a more eastern look. After many efforts, the result was this curious cat, with fine features and pointy ears. In spite of being classified as a hairless cat, some peterbald cats can have very short and fine fur.  


If you are allergic to cats, you may have just discovered your ideal breed. Laperm cats are considered hypoallergenic because they produce far less allergens than other cats. The name comes from its fur, which looks as if this cat just got a perm. This is the product of a genetic mutation and the fur can vary in length and color. 

American Curl

Named after its curled ears, this adorable cat is definitely a keeper. The peculiarity of this body part is noticeable only after 4 months of age, as newborns their ears are straight and slowly they start altering their shape. The Curl Gene causes this alteration, but luckily it doesn’t affect other cartilages. If you are thinking about adopting an American Curl, remember that its narrow ear canal makes them more prone to infections, so constant cleaning and impeccable hygiene are key to keeping them happy and healthy.  

Kao Manee

This beautiful Thai cat is a symbol of good luck. They have a very ancient history, being mentioned in texts since the year 1350. Their most noticeable characteristic has to be their gorgeous eyes, one blue and the other one green or yellow.  They don’t need any kind of special treatment, but, being extremely active, they require an owner that can spend a lot of time with them and give them attention. 

Scottish Fold 

These peculiar cats have had the world’s attention on the internet over the last few years. Their teeny tiny ears bend forward, letting their eyes be the absolute center of attention, which combined with their fluffy body, makes them irresistible. 

Ukrainian Levkoy 

This curious looking cat is also part of the exclusive group of hairless breeds. A mixture between a Don Sphynx and a Scottish Fold resulted in this bald and curved eared cat. The mysterious appearance may be deceiving, but this cat is one of the most loving breeds in the world. 

In Sepicat we love every cat, regardless of the breed, and we would like to remind every owner that these animals rely on human love and care. Share this article with your friends and tell us in the comments which one was your favourite. 

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